Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Events around Nagorno Karabakh.

Yesterday the Bandit Number One signed a protocol with the Russian and Azeri presidents about a framework of Nagorno Karabakh issue resolution. While the text of the agreement is fluff and does not contain anything significant, I wonder about the general direction that the latest activities point to.

Basically, Bandit Number One does not represent the Armenian people and thus does not have a mandate to decide on solutions to issues very dear to the future of the country and the Armenian nation itself.

As Payqar.org said:Ոչ մի թիզ հող


Anonymous said...

Ben Laden?

Anonymous said...

"Bandit Number One!" Fantastic! Unfortunately he has got the right to speak and adopt resolutions on behalf of the Armenian people.

nazarian said...

This is the most vivid translation I could come up for Avazakapet.