Monday, November 17, 2008

Banditocracy and

The editor of, a prominent independent e-paper in Armenia, Edik Baghdasaryan, has been attacked by unknown people in Yerevan as he exited his office building. His life, fortunately, is not in danger at this point. Currently he is in a Yerevan hospital recovering from his injuries.

The last Armenian journalist to be attacked while exiting his office was not lucky - Hrant Dinq was murdered by a lone murderer in Constantinopolis in Turkey.


Ani said...

Words just cannot express my reaction...

To provide some context, here's a story from ArmeniaNow about Baghdasaryan's journalistic skills and his recent international recognition and award:
After a lengthy speech is made, the name of Armenia is given. And to a standing ovation of 500 investigative journalists and to the admiration of other guests Editor of Hetq Online Edik Baghdasaryan was awarded the prestigious prize for his series of articles “"The Minister and the Mining Sector".

During the eight months of investigation Edik Baghdasaryan published a series of articles, informing the public as to how the former environment minister Vardan Ayvazyan, instead of dealing with the environmental challenges facing the country, had been engaged in protection of his own interests.

According to these publications, Ayvazyan had allocated mines (mostly gold and poly- metallic ones) to more than a dozen relatives’ names, thus violating several laws.

“My students always ask me what result our investigations produce,” says Baghdasaryan taking the prize. “In a country like Armenia you should fight a lot to get a solution to any issue and this prize is yet another step in this struggle.”
After Baghdasaryan’s investigation and a number of other scandalous stories with corruption claims against him, some time later former Environment Minister Ayvazyan, although not involved in the new government, did get another high position.

As an elected member of parliament he was appointed head of the National Assembly’s standing committee entrusted with a scope of various activities – taxes, customs dues, industry, energy, tourism, state property and management in a number of other spheres. . .

emma said...

A rhetorical question: How long are we going to bear this lawlessness in our country!