Monday, November 24, 2008

Noisy Bunch.

The Georgian government has accused the Russian government of shooting at a motorcade carrying the Georgian president Saakashvili and Polish president Kaczynski near the South Ossetian buffer zone last night. They accuse the Russians and claim that the Russians fired at the motorcade from a distance of 30 meters. No damages or injuries were reported.

The readers here know that I am not a pro-Russian (or anti-Russian) nut. But this latest Georgian accusation reeks of conspiracy. Here is what I think happened. The Georgians saw that their media efforts are waning and the media was turning away from them after there were accusations that the Georgians committed war crimes last August in South Ossetia. So they planned a night time stroll around the buffer zone with a visiting EU president who, while important, is not important enough to cause much trouble. The Polish president is the right fit to generate noise but not have a significant political impact on Russia. So they sent a bunch of their people who shot a few rounds in the air as the motorcade approached. In the dark it is not possible to know who these people are given the limited equipment the security people carry in these circumstances.

For a third party this squabble between Georgia and Russia is exciting. The downside is that real people suffer in consequence. But that's nothing new. Because of jealousy among family members, the rulers of Europe fought the WW1 where millions perished.


Ani said...

As good a theory as any, and, of course, impossible to prove or disprove. Anyway, always remember to bring along a Polish guy when you're right in the middle of two enemies. They're experienced.

parisan said...

I'll make a prediction: Saakashvili will eventually move to Alaska, to become Palin's lover.

The two make a pair!

nazarian said...

I used to like the guy until he started closing down the media in his country. It has been downhill since then.

But it is amazing that he is still the president after he screwed up everything last August. Either the people still like him or he is a really good politician.