Thursday, November 27, 2008

Banditocracy and their Rides.

Pictured is the Volkswagen Phaeton of the Armenian Central Bank director Artur Javadian. It was purchased by the state as his transportation. The car costs around 90,000 Euros (US$ 115,000) in Yerevan. The distributor of Volkswagen cars is none other than the state prosecutor Aghvan Hovsepian.

The bandits and their minions waste the state resources to pamper themselves while a large proportion of the population goes to bed hungry every night. Ironically, the state will go on air with a tin can asking for money today. They will hold a telethon for the Armenia Fund asking for donations.


tzitzernak2 said...

Well, let's be fair, it must take a lot of wax and tender care to keep those cars as shiny as they are, and that costs money. Where is that money going to come from?

parisan said...

Admire that car, because it's paid with the money taken away from our dreams for a better world.

Good post!