Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The kind of people that SS relies on.

Banditocracy at work.... I am surprised that these people were actually caught. My guess is that they are trying to give the whole fiasco of the prosecutions a mask of legitimacy. Putting a couple of low ranking bandits in jail for a few weeks is a small sacrifice for the regime.
[...] The three men, who have past criminal records, were among several dozen persons arrested following the worst street violence in Armenia’s history [...]

[...] During the trial the self-confessed looters asserted that unlike the vast majority of the detainees they are not supporters of Ter-Petrosian. They claimed that they not only voted for Sarkisian but worked as his proxies during the February 19 presidential election. [...]


Anonymous said...

I am actually happy to see criminals receive trials and get sentences, regardless if they supported LTP or SS. You may mock the whole process, but it is clear that there was criminal activity and criminals should be tried. And I think we cannot have it both ways. We cannot press for disdain for the system, push people to break the law, and then complain when people are jailed.

nazarian said...

Agreed. I assume when RK and SS are brought to trial for electoral fraud and crimes against humanity, you won't have a problem.

Anonymous said...

During all this time I was surprised that no cases of looters were heard at courts, especially if they were among the demonstrators. I accepted that there could possibly be a small number of demonstrators among the looters but now I am more than sure that there were none. The one's that brought drinks or chocolates to the people must be provocateurs as well.

mayranoush said...

I suspect that this is just a show trial intended to demonstrate to the international observers that the criminal justice system in Armenia is fair and just. They put away a few hired hands to show that they are doing something. It is almost similiar to Serzh sacking his pal Armen Avetisyan shortly taking office. It was intended to show that he is going to be tough on corruption. All smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

well the level of distrust is so high that whatever SS does nothing will be perceived positive.

scenario 2, if LTP comes to power we will face similar problem. Can't punish loyal revolutioners /Jhangiryan, etc/ will punish so called ch'hayer=revanchism. And this Abovyan with the same face will serve LTP.

revolutions are so similar and the problem is in the system and not in leaders /if we have any/