Thursday, June 26, 2008

Armenia embarrasses itself with idiotic “Judaic-Masonic” conspiracy talk

David Kramer, a US assistant Secretary of State, was in Armenia a few days ago and condemned the anti-Semitic rhetoric on the State TV. Anti-Semitism is rampant among the reports on State TV, the newspapers published by Dashnaktsutyun, newspaper Azg published by the Ramkavars, and a sizeable chunk of the Armenian language blogosphere on LiveJournal. While I can understand the behavior of the ultra-nationalist Dashnaktsakans, and the State TV which is dominated by Dashnaks and Republicans, I am dumbfounded about Azg and the blogosphere (anti-Semites like Ruben Muradyan (aka Uzogh), Tigran Kocharyan (aka Pigh), Lilit Kocharyan (aka moonleight) and such).

Anyway, here is what I came across on Khosq:
[...] During his meetings with Armenian officials and the ensuing news conferences Kramer also condemned Armenian state television for making anti-Semitic comments in its continuing verbal attacks on Ter-Petrosian. Citing the Jewish origin of Ter-Petrosian’s Russian-born wife Lyudmila, the state-controlled Public Television as well as some pro-government newspapers have alleged in recent weeks that the opposition leader’s bid to return to power was part of a “Judaic-Masonic” conspiracy against Armenia.

“For a country with a proud history of relations with the Jewish community and with the state of Israel, we made clear that anti-Semitism has no place in Armenia,” said Kramer. “And based on the reaction that we heard from people in the government, it is my hope that there will be an immediate end to such rhetoric.”

The Armenian premier, according to his office, described that rhetoric as “extremely condemnable and inadmissible.” Justice Minister Danielian told the visiting U.S. official, however, that Public Television’s controversial reports “can not be unequivocally deemed anti-Semitic.” [...]

The full post is available here.


Ruben Muradyan said...

I think you have to give a link to any of my anti-semitic post, or comment, or write your apologies for misinformation and libel.

nazarian said... for example.

Ruben Muradyan said...

I think, you have misunderstood smth.
There's no word, or idea with anti-semitic background.
Ask people with better knowledge of russian, than yours.

nazarian said...

You actually have a YouTube entry with the video on the blog and the description in English:

Levon Ter-Petrosyan announcing revolution of song and dance.
Proof picture of Israeli flag is here -


so I don't think the Russian language is the problem here.

nazarian said...

ANd here is a pre-emptive action taken for Pigh in case he thinks it's a libel as Uzogh has:

[...] Լևոնը ձախ ձեռով Սիրուշոին էր բոյկոտում,իսկ աջ ձեռով Իզրայլի համար ՍՄՍ-ներ ղրկում:)))


antifa said...

I have a few questions:
Don't you work in Public TV?
Did not you take part in the production of the heavily edited clip that you later on published in your blog ( link is produced by Nazarian)?
Are not you an anti-semit or are not you hostile toward or prejudice against Jews or Judaism?
Were not you overjoyed when people were killed in March 1-st?
Werent you teh mastermind behind the "mooti yev sovi tariner" scenario and the heavily edited clips that were broadcusted from Public TV?

Ruben Muradyan said...

Again, where's the antisemitic statement located on Youtube?
Do you see any hatred to jews as community, religious or ethnic group in my Youtube post, or in my Livejournal posts?
Can you bring up exact quotation where I'm writing smth wrong on Jews?

antifa said...

Ruben either you pretend that you are a clueless idiot or you are really a clueless idiot.

Ruben Muradyan said...

1. Yes I do.
2. Your question is wrong in its essence. This clip was not heavily editied. PTV didn't add anything to it. Everything you see on it was shot during the rally. And I didn't take part in production of this clip. I've just uploded it to Youtube, because it was funny.
3. I'm not antisemit, moreover, I'm a fan of Israel as state, I really like the way israelis live and survive. The only thing with Israel, that is making me upset is the state policy towards genocide recognition, but I still believe, that it is politics, that have nothing to do with ethnicity or relidion or citizenship. And to share my personal plans: I'm planning a trip to Israel in next 2 weeks.
4. I didn't make any joy with people killed.
5. Again, wrong question. There were clips about that period of time, but you cannot find any single word with lie in them. And again I was not producing them in any way, just uploaded pieces I like to Youtube.

And because I've answered your questions, I have one thing to ask you. Please read my entry, that nazarian have mentioned as antisemitic, and write your opinion. Is it antisemitic?
Do you see any word of hatred towards jews?

Ruben Muradyan said...

Antifa, you have nothing to say, and begin to insult me?
You are pathetic, my dear nut.

I really want to meet you in real life to see how will you repeat your words staying in front of me.

Ani said...

The Youtube video is 1:14 in length and the Israeli flag is shown 12 different times. What, you like the Israeli flag color scheme that much? Also, here's a comment from you in the Youtube comments for your video:

>uzogh (2 weeks ago) Please pay attention to description of this video - there's a link to a picture, shot by an LTP supporter on the same rally.<

Golly gee whiz, the photo is of the Israeli flag!! What a surprise!

Lest we forget, Uzogh was hired by Serge Sargsyan to manage his fake "blog", so the anti-Semitic attitude is from the top down.

As for Antifa meeting you face-to-face, perhaps he/she will need to eat some spinach first, Bluto. Seems like a lot of people are getting beaten up these days...

Ruben Muradyan said...

Ani, I know, that you are the head of fan-club of Ruben Muradyan.
But can you read the definition of antisemitism from somewhere, and then try to find any antisemitic statement in any of my posts?

Interestingly Jewish community of Armenia was really concerned with Israeli flag and LTP's behavior, and issued special statement on those issues.

But of course - it is out of your interest. Yo prefer to spread rumors, to attack people, but never speak the truth.

nazarian said...

Re: "Interestingly Jewish community of Armenia was really concerned with Israeli flag and LTP's behavior, and issued special statement on those issues."

Is it because they were concerned about the behavior of the regime towards the Jewish people? Which, of course, came true with Haylur immediately starting to broadcast the infamous footage that is in your YouTube channel?

Ruben Muradyan said...

Nazarian, you still didn't shown me every single word written by me, with hatred towards jews.

Anyway - there is very clear statement signed by the head of Armenian Jewish community, blaming LTP for bringing the flag to the rally.

antifa said...

You work in TV station and you don’t even know what editing means. It is when you cut and past different scenes.

Only an idiot would watch those videos and say that they are not produced for a certain purpose with an agenda behind them.

I still say that you are an idiot because you are still convinced that you are smarter and we are all idiots. Your arrogance has no limits.

Re your March 1 joy

It is all here with comments

and in particular this one with your comments you put smiley face after each comment. Anybody using Internet knows what a smiley is.

or this one:
Оперу очищают от дерьма.
В прямом смысле этого слова.
Убирают продукты жизнедеятельности поборников демократии и адептов либерализма.

The sarcasm is evident.
Anyway I am not going to waist my time on you.
About meeting you-
Knock, knock! :-)

nazarian said...

Ruben, the words written in the blog post, and the YouTube video, were not hateful but prejudiced hence the impression of anti-Semitism.

anti-Semite: a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews (

If you are not an anti-Semite (and given your protests I am guessing that you do not like being labeled as one) then you should perhaps refrain from using such rhetoric.

Ruben Muradyan said...

I have the full right to write sarcastiс post.
But there was no joy of killed people.

While you are putting the word "edited" in this context, it is acceptable. Most of the critisism on this video was about the Israeli flag being inserted in this video specially, without original presence on the rally.

I've written my email. I'm repeating it -
Drop me your contacts, and we will arrange a time.

Ruben Muradyan said...

There was a lot of speculation in comments to this video, that there was no Israeli flag on the rally. I've put a proof photo, made by mkdotam to the description of the video. There's no prejudice towards jews - there's just fact - Israeli flag on the rally.

I still do not understand where pejudice lies, because in their statement Jewish community again is referring to existence of Israeli flag on that rally. Are they anisemits too?

Antifa said...

Arrange a time for what?
To send your thugs to ambush me as they did to 2 Nareks and Arsen?
or the hundreds during the early morning of March 1st?
Dont worry I will visit you one day and we will talk:
knock, knock

Antifa said...

Nazarian why are you even waisting your time on this fascist?
Just kick him out of your blog. They are the oppressors of democracy so they dont deserve one.

Ruben Muradyan said...

You continue to insult me.
If you think, that you have the right of anonymous insults - then you are wrong. If you do not want to stay face-to-face and repeat your insults I can consider that you are a really brave man, hiding behind Internet anonymity.

Ruben Muradyan said...

With all my respect to you and your readers I have to ask you to remove insulting comments from antifa made on June 26, 2008 2:20 PM, June 26, 2008 4:20 PM, June 26, 2008 4:32 PM, June 26, 2008 4:34 PM.

This guy have no understanding of simple rules of debate, and is wasting the discussion.

Ani said...

Uzogh, just wondering--do the "Judaic-Masonic" conspirators (what a stupid concept!) know that you will be vacationing in Israel? Perhaps they could send Zohan and Nicolas Cage to the airport to pick you up! Anyway, I guess we should let Mossad know you're coming (of course--we are secretly all Mossad agents)!

Looking forward to your vacation videos :))))

antifa said...

you are insulting the whole nation with your comments and videos.
Anyway you are a well known character in Yerevan. :)
knock knock

reflective said...

I love the way anti-Semitism gets more air-time than anti-Armenianism (see below).

For the record, I am not anti-Semitic, and I feel I have to say that because the personal attacks start if you don't.

I also think it is funny that the arguments of racial prejudice are coming from LTP worshipers: LTP who invoked the "half-Karabakhtsi half-Armenian" or Mongol-Tatar pejoratives regarding his fellow Armenians.

How sad.

antifa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ruben Muradyan said...

Ani, AFAIU you still trying to show your sense of humor, instead of bringing just one fact of my "antisemitic" statements.

Go on, my dear Mossad agent.

antifa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
antifa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ani said...

There's no need for me to repeat what Nazarian said. You've put a video up on Youtube with over 31,000 views and 637 comments like this one:

shagenchik (1 week ago)
lmao xD f**king jew. f**k him.

Which you have not discouraged, but rather encouraged. 'Nuff said.

me said...

"instead of bringing just one fact"
This is just such a riot. At exactly what point in time did H1 employees become such fans of "facts"?

The fact is you've fallen into a pretty predictable pattern here, one that was perfected by Qocharyan and our honorable Harvard-educated former foreign minister. First you try to blame everything on a "lost in translation" effect, then you remember your "lav tgha" persona and offer people the pleasure of saying that you're a clueless idiot to your face. Weak.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty embarrassed that some C-level US official can stroll into Armenia and start issuing directives about tolerance toward Jews.

David Kramer condemned "anti-semitism" to every official's face he could find in Yerevan. This is when your "lav tgha" tendencies would come in handy, but when you no longer have law enforcement behind you or aren't talking as you peek behind a row of 30 bodyguards, your "miak tghamardkutyun" disappears, and all you can do is meekly agree like Tigran Sargsyan and Gevorg Danielyan did. Again, weak.

As for the clip in question. Why was the clip, yes, edited so that it cut to the Israeli flag every two seconds, sir? Why did you lie on your blog and write that Ter-Petrosyan was dancing Israeli dances "under" an Israeli flag, and why was the camera work and the editing done in a way as to suggest that he was? People were holding flags of dozens of other countries, why wasn't the camera cutting to those flags, sir?

I'm with antifa here. I can't decide if you're a clueless idiot or are on Armenian government's payroll (funded by Armenian taxpayers) solely to pretend that you're a clueless idiot.

Ani said...

me, you forgot to catalog a couple more stages: the immediate cries of "misinformation and libel" (pretty funny), the implied macho threats of "meeting face to face," and failing that, demands for censorship of statements he doesn't like.

It's why we need to hear from Ruben, he always provides the broader world with so much information about the attitudes and tactics of his bosses, whether he realizes it or not.

Anonymous said...

wow, necer saw so many anti-armenian pro-jewish personas!

When LTP and his idiots were insulting armenians and makng racists statements against armenians you were happy about that. What type of conspiracy is this?

Showing israeli flag at public-TV was idiotic decision, But the monghol-tatar track and comparing march 1 to Armenian Genocide is clear anti-Armenian activity.

After this post I advise to ignore this blog forever. Good by idiots

Anonymous said...

I think people like (Ch)Uzogh are simply victims of Russian brain-washing.
Look at his blog, there's not a single post in Armenian there.

And according to his logic, Turkish denialists who reject the genocide are not Armenophobes, because "in their words there is no prejudice against Armenians or Armenian Apostholic Christiaity".

Azerbaijan has been long at pains to show that Armenians are anti-semitic, of ocurse unseccessfully for years, but now, thanks to (Ch)Uzogh and the likes of him, they have the proof.

(Ch)Uzogh willingly or unwillingly is helping Azerbaijani propaganda.

Armenian patriot

Anonymous said...

Ruben Muradyan you are asking to remove insulting comments?
Oh, yeah?
When your own blog is one big insulting comment aimed at the opposition leaders, all of their supporters, Armenia's Jewish community and all Armenians who happen to have Jews or Jewish ancestry in their families.

From a person you would call " a zomby"

reflective said...

I still find it amazing that not one LTO-apologist has the stones to come out and call LTP out for his racist invective.

The opposition rallied people with hate mongering, hysteria preaching, and divisive and racist rhetoric.

And while it is fashionable to paint this type of hatred only in Anti-Semitic terms (which I also speak out against), the least we can do is speak out against anti-Armenian rhetoric as well.

You cannot choose when to be for or against a principle when convenient. Either you are a bigot or you are not.

Tigran said...

from[...] Լևոնը ձախ ձեռով Սիրուշոին էր բոյկոտում,իսկ աջ ձեռով Իզրայլի համար ՍՄՍ-ներ ղրկում:)))(փաստորեն Լևոնը ում ՍՄՍ գրեր,ես դառնում էի դրա չուզողը:)

Shalom nazarian jan,many thanks to promote me and my blog-nice job done as usual!
Hope,when you come back Armenia our friendship will continue.Nice to have such a friend in US.
Tigran Kocharyan aka Pigh.

Ani said...

Link for Reflexive and Anonymous, who apparently cut their classes on medieval Russian history:

As you've been told countless times, there's nothing racist about the Tatar-Mongol historical reference. It's sort of like calling the French and Indian War in America racist, because the words "French" and "Indian" are used.

Want to see something truly racist (love the swirling sword!)?

Anonymous said...

now this one is a real masterpiece

antifa said...

Eh Pigh
You don’t even have a single trait of decency.
Instead of being ashamed you are happy when your fascist character is displayed to public.

How is the life in soap business?

pigh said...

Eh,antifa-dildoyan,I missed you and your comments so much in LJ,come back,make my life much interesting.
For the soap business it's going nice,may be I'll open another product line-antiFA,especcialy for asswholes like your face:)
My regards to London city.

antifa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
antifa said...

By the way you are confused with the identity.
There are 100 of thousands of antifas in the world

pigh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Pigh, there is no word
"asswhole" in English language.
Why don't you spend less time on
anti-Armenian and pro-Russian propaganda and teach yourself a little English.

Russian spies, get the hell out of my country!


Ani said...

Antifa, no need to sink to their level of insults. Anyway, we know that Pigh's one true love is his LJ Bloggie...perhaps you should rename it "my precious", no? ;)

Re the moonleight entry at 5:49 AM above, I see that Pigh and Uzogh are listed as Moonleight's mutual friends...

Antifa said...

Yeah true Ani

It is not fun anymore. :(
I was just taking a mickey.

antifa said...

or rather
i was taking a pghik

Anonymous said...

nazarian said...

Needed to delete a number of comments for crossing the line.

Please refrain from personal attacks and insults.

reflective said...

ani - of all the examples in history to choose from LTP picked one that would be subconsciously among the most negatively associated with destruction of Armenia (from the east no less).

How about the "half-Karabakhtsi half-Armenian" comments?

Nothing to say? You are claiming that there has been no hate-speech at the circus/rallies in the Opera? Nothing in the trash-press of radical opposition?

Or if they make fun of the previous or former president it is OK?


Anonymous said...

The moonleight piece was actually first published in the Dashnak Hayots Askharh daily on May 24th

the title of that article is "LEVON HAKOB TER-PETROSYAN OR LEVON FRAYIM PLISKOVSKY? Armenian National Congress or Jewish Congress?" On the front cover they also have a picture of Levon wearing a yarmulka.

So if we want to trace the anti-semitism we should not ignore the Dashnaks. Weren't they also Nazi collaborators???

Ani said...

Reflexive, I think it's time for Nazarian to publish his book "The Wit and Wisdom of Robert Kocharian" just so you remember (and "reflect") on your fearless leader's bon mots. As for Serzh, it's hard for him to say much of anything since his foot is permanently ensconced in his mouth.

By the way, no Tatars or Mongols in Azerbaijan, perhaps you missed anthropology class too. So the subconscious reference is in your own mind.

reflective said...

"No Tatars in Azerbaijan."

My Ani your words would warm Big Brother's heart. Don't forget to add that Armenians and Azeris have lived together since time immemorial.

Since you are so learned in anthropological matters, tell us what the Azeris were called say 100 years ago. No need to go farther back in time and strain the memory...

Ani said...

Reflexive, I didn't know that you were a centenarian, but it explains your limited repertoire of discussion points!

Personally, I'd like everyone in the entire world to have complete DNA testing so they would all see that their ancestors aren't necessarily who they thought they were. Maybe then all this racist nonsense would go away and we could talk about more important things before the planet disappears.

pigh said...

Dear blog users.
First of all Hayots Ashkharh more than 7 years is not Dashnak's newspaper.Their official newspaper is Yerkir.
Second, read carefully comments in moonleihgt's LJ and you will see the correct attitude towards this stupid article.
Third,for Nzhdeh,have you ever heard about spam words?

Ani said...

Dear Tigran,

I'm glad to hear that you think the article posted by moonleight is stupid, but you see as usual it was posted without any comment or context, and why post it at all anyway but for malicious intent?

You, Ruben and friends want to be seen as open-minded, and don't want to be labeled as anti-semitic, for instance, but then you do things like making that idiotic video to stir other people up. Do you really love the government so much that you want to be their Leni Riefenstahls?

As for the "Western conspiracy theories" about LTP that so many of you subscribe to, surely by now it should be clear that the Bush administration's attitude toward Armenia is, "well, they've got a border with Iran so let's hope they keep quiet." Europe as we see is conflicted but would rather the "problem" just went away.

As for your beloved Russia, their attitude toward Armenia is "done deal suckers" and toward Serzh is "lapdog". As an Armenian, doesn't this cause you any discomfort? Wouldn't you rather have them at least recognize Armenia as an independent country to be reckoned with and not a past and future colony?

nazarian said...

The jury is still out on Lilit Kocharyan (aka moonleight). She has posted a number of anti-Semitic posts as well.

Ani said...

And they said it was impossible: Finally something that Armenians and Azeris agree on :) I'll copy the post since it's from an Azeri blogger and he might wonder why all the sudden Armenian visitors--what's REALLY strange is how the Masons are managing to work both for and against the Armenians AND the Azeris:

Today I was shocked when I encountered an incredible book with a title "Masonry: Power Ruling the World" in Azeri. Though the number of such moronic literature is countless nowadays, what shocked me was the fact that this book was written by a former MP and former Chairman of a Parliamentary Commission [sic!] and published by a mainstream publishing house, which is almost the only publisher of all legal-judicial literature in Azerbaijan [sic again!]. And with a foreword by another famous Azeri intellectual, People's Poet, MP, and a former Minister [sic!] Sabir Rustamkhanli!

I don't want to mention that the book repeats all those infamous hoaxes and legends about freemasonry, but want to state a sole fact - in the very beginning of the book there is a citation from Encyclopaedia Britannica, and the name of this American source is translated into Azerbaijani as "Encyclopaedia of Great Britain" [sic!]. I think only this should be enough for understanding the real credentials and expertise of the author in the scientific field.

Therefore, if you want to learn how the masons "enslave the world" or "rule from underground" or other "great secrets" that the world is "still unaware", then instead of reading what these morons say about masons, go directly to the page, for example, of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon, and read all those "secret documents and evidences" that the masons try to "hide" from you and finally "enslave you".