Sunday, June 08, 2008

CNN: Ahmadinejad, al-Maliki talk U.S. future in Iraq

How low have we stooped that hoodlums like Ahmedinejad and al-Maliki are discussing the US business. Bush has made the US a laughing stock of the world. We are so week that we can't even prevent such meetings. If there is a winner in the Iraq debacle, it is Iran. The losers have been the Iraqi people and the US. I hope Bush & CO. don't make things worse by attacking Iran before January, 2009.

Ahmadinejad, al-Maliki talk U.S. future in Iraq

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Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Normally, under the regular conditions of Empire, that would mean that the puppet, in this case maliki, is out, but the US has so decisively shot itself in the foot that it is a possibility that maliki will still hang on, against all odds, like that Phil Collins song.

Ahmadinezhad got elected as an "everyman." His appeal is the same as Bush--someone you can have a beer, or ghahveh, with: "He's just like me!" don't you know. At least, that is what the majority thinks, and I dare say, it is an argument against democracy.

Mesbah Yazdi, the one whispering in Ahmadinezhad's ear, has a few batty ideas that actually do represent a danger.

Hagee vs. Yazdi: That's the world we're living in. People with their sexuality warped into weird religion. Sambo is so much more honest.