Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guarding the Liberty Square.

Little Yerevanci, originally uploaded by mkketam.

The SS banditocracy had organized an event called Little Yerevantsi (something where children were to take part) at Liberty Square in order to prevent the planned rally by the opposition. This is a picture of what Liberty Square looked like - an empty area cordoned off by bored policemen. There were: a number of policemen, a riot control truck equipped with a water canon, 10+ buses that transported the police and not a single little Yerevantsi or any other child as the participants of Little Yerevantsi. Obviously, this event was intended to be an excuse to blockade the Liberty Square. Why else would you not allow anyone in if it is indeed a legitimate public event?

You can see more pictures of Liberty Square and the opposition rally at Matenadaran on MkKetAm's photo set here:

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