Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Smart policy.

The Defense Minister of Armenia has assured the Georgians that the Russians have not and will not be allowed to use Armenia to launch military operations against Georgia. This is a smart decision by the Armenian government and I hope that they have told this to the Russians.

Let us wait for the Armenian response to the attacks about humanitarian and reconstruction aid once the things calm down. I am sure that they are planning these things.


Haik said...

Yes very a right and encouraging move.

I only hoped that it would come out from politicians and not from the military.

This is a foreign policy area. Anyway needless to say there is no foreign ministry in Armenia and the behaviour of the "president" is/was disgraceful.

nazarian said...

I would assume that the policy is made by SS even if he is enjoying a vacation in Beijing and the Foreign minister is AWOL.