Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Recognizing the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Surprisingly, the Dashnakcakans didn't demand to recognize the independence of the South Ossetia and Abkhazia even before the Russians had done so.

This makes me think that these guys may have some foreign policy sense in them after all.


Haik said...

I am still surprised that the banner is not in the garbage bin yet.
They shits so many sides and caused so much trouble to our nation.

Anonymous said...

I love illiterate pro-Turk commentary.

me said...

I love how anti-Dashnak automatically means pro-Turk.

Haik said...

Instead of "shits" it should be "shift" that is, Dashnaktsutyun shifts so many sides.
But shitting on many sides is also relevant.

Some examples:

- Befriending young Turks against the Sultan and continuing that even after 1908 Adana massacres.

- Starting wars against all the neighbors after 1918 and loosing lots of lands.

- as a result signing a treaty with Turkey that would make Armenia a Turkish vassal state

- Handing over the country to Russian communists irresponsibly, which led to February massacres by Narinjian.

- taking whatever was in the national treasury and fleeing the country.

- joining Nazi Germany in WW2 against Soviet Union.

- doing anything against the Soviet Armenia. Even widening the gap between Echmiadzin and Anthilias.

- acting against the 1988 movement and against the break up of the Soviet Union.

- Acting against the newly founded 3nd republic when there was a war

- plotting coups, fortunately unsuccessful

- acting as an opposition while being in the governing coalition

- criticizing the government while being in the same government

- not noticing the march 1 massacres of peaceful protesters in Yerevan streets.

- joining the forces with the illegitimate 'president' even though many of their supporter votes were stolen.

You make teh conclusions

Haik said...

Ironically in history the Dashnaks were the only pro-Turkish Armenian political party:

- working with Young Turks
- working with pro-Turkish Nazi Germany
- working with a genocide denialist "president" Serj Sargsyan

Anonymous said...

wo, haik already learned the term denialist, that is really a progress

One of the biggest deficit found in Armenia is political illiteracy. Thanks to LTP that he highlighted this problem

mm said...

It is good that political illiteracy is a deficit in Armenia. We wouldn't like a surplus of that.
The current banditocracy is enough trouble.

Anonymous said...

yes, LTP filled with the populism the political vacuum developed by RK.
What's next?

tzitzernak2 said...

If the ARF actually stuck to its original principles, this discussion would be with the ARF about what to do once we all removed the SS/RK from their illegally assumed positions, and whether or not socialism was the best strategy for Armenia.

Remember that the ARF originally was a movement of revolution and reform, physical defense of the lives of Armenians, independence and freedom, not to mention socialism.

Now these ideas have become the catch phrases of an organization that exists to be political, rather than being political in order to achieve its true, fundamental goals. (see Haik's great list from 12:58 am for examples).

What NO ARFer has been able to explain to me without political rhetoric and circular reasoning is:
1)how could the ARF not have supported independence in 1991
2)How could the ARF not have stood up against a government that opened fire against its own people.

nazarian said...


the Dashnakcakans supporting Hitler is not a surprise. Both Hitler and the Dashnaks were nazional socialists so ideologically they were the same. Plus, they were promised to become the governors of Armenia once the Nazis occupied it.

Anonymous said...

haik and nazarian - repeating anti-Dashnak fables created by your former KGB masters shows how poorly you know your own history.

Who is your ideological father? Stalin? The signers of the Kars treaty? Those who gave away Karabakh to the Azeris? Without Njdeh, Syunik would be there too. Or is Njdeh another Dashnak capitalist imperialist force?

You guys are pathetic. No surprise you followed the Great Divider LTP.

me said...

Invoking KGB is an interesting way of deflecting criticism; this way you don't have to respond to anything and can conveniently dismiss historical facts as "myths."

The biggest myth of all is that Dashnaks have done a single positive thing for Armenia and Armenians. You don't really have to delve in deep to realize what a force of destruction they've been for us. Go read the history of their 8th congress to get an idea of what this party has really done for us.

Haik said...

Anonimy failed to refute any of the points brough by me above.

I respect the early years of Dashnaktsutyun party. It had some good ideology behind it. However eventually they dropped all the goodness and ended up in the miserable situation as they are now.

In diaspora it is a hereditary clan like party.

I dont know what is it like in Armenia branch,- it is full of contradictory characters, some good people and some numb sculls,- the full bouquet. To tell the truth I never understood its true nature. That's probably the reason that the good people left the party eventually, starting from Genaral Andranik Ozinian ending with another Shushi fighter, - Sefilian.

It had the chance to reform itself. Actually it started pretty well during the presidential campaign. But it didn't deliver.
It ended up being a fully certified flip-flop party.
I hope they will will eventually realize that it is not the late 19th and early 20th century.

spm said...

Dashnaks have right to complain about KGB. They were just getting completely involved with KGB, when suddenly, and to their big surprise, USSR came down and KGB temporary lost its power, living Dashnaks alone to dry on a fence. Poor bastards.

nazarian said...

I was gonna say that :)

You probably don't want to mention the KGB when trying to defend the ARFD. It opens the door for pointing out the truth about their involvement with the Soviet KGB.

antifa said...

What an idiot:

«Առավոտ»-ը, մարդկանց մեջ նկատելով Հրանտ Մարգարյանին, մի քանի հարց ուղղեց նրան.

- Իսկ ձեր կողմից նախապատրաստվող ակցիաների մեջ կա՞ ծրագիր, ասենք՝ այրել Թուրքիայի դրոշը:

- Մենք կնախընտրենք, որ ոչ ոք նման քայլի չդիմի, եւ կոչ ենք անելու, որ նման բաներ չլինեն: Եթե մեկը տրամադիր է, մենք պատրաստ ենք իրեն տալ հնարավորություններ, որ գնա, Ստամբուլում անի այդ բանը:

The full report can be read at: