Monday, August 11, 2008

Inability to be creative.

What are the odds that if Georgia had given South Ossetia the independence they wanted, Russia would be fighting a war in North Ossetia trying to quash an independence movement there?

In 1803 Napoleon sold large tracts of land to the US. His reasoning was that if the US grew stronger, the Britain would eventually seize to be a great empire. 153 years later his actions bore fruit.

We have become people without the ability to see beyond the small box of near-term results. Thankfully, our enemies are like that, too. Had the Azeris given Karabakh to Armenia in 1988, they would probably have Karabakh and half of Armenia to themselves by now.


spm said...

unfortunately it is also true about the border with Turkey. Have they opened it, the other half of Armenian population which is not in Moscow would be successful merchants in Istanbul.

Anonymous said...

Another theory is that if Azerbaijan gave Karabakh to Armenia in 88, then Karabakh would be in Armenia now.

nazarian said...

Anonymous, that would be the whole point. But it would not really matter.

Armenia and Karabakh would still have sizable Azeri minorities. And since Azeris would be a brotherly nation, the size of the minority would continue to grow. The veggies in the markets would be cheap and high quality but Armenia wouldn't be the as Armenian as it is now.