Friday, September 28, 2007

Sahakashvili learning from Kocharian, Kocharian learning from Putin.

The Georgian authorities have arrested Irakli Okruashvili. Mr. Okruashvili, the former defense minister of Georgia, recently criticized President Sahakashvili and accused him of plotting the assassination of a Georgian businessman. The charges brought against Mr. Okruashvili?

Money laundering!

This blog has informed the readers about the arrest and detention of Aleksandr Arzumanian, the former foreign minister of Armenia. The charges leveled against him were money laundering as well. Only recently he was let out of jail - the prosecutors could not establish any of the charges and are still "investigating" (i.e. leaving the door open for future detentions).

Sahakashvili, very much like Kocharian, claim to be democratic presidents. They never arrest anyone on political charges (as democratic countries, they have very few authoritarian laws). They find some criminal offense and arrest opponents like that. So, legally there are no political prisoners in these countries. Only criminals. Same goes for the closure of media outlets with dissenting views. They are not closed for their reports but legally lose their privilege to operate.

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artmika said...

P.S. the difference with Sahakashvili is that not only he himself, but also West unanimously support and consider him 'truly democratic president'... Well, welcome to democracy, Georgian or shall we also add Armenian/South Caucasus/Russian way...

nazarian said...

He is a Western poster boy as long as he is anti-Russian :) Who was it that said: "he is an SOB but he is our SOB"?