Monday, September 24, 2007

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

It did not take long for the propaganda arm of the current Armenian regime to stage a dirty attack against Levon Ter-Petrosian after his speech on the Independence Day. The method of this State TV propaganda piece does not differ much from previous tricks that the administration has pulled; we all remember the administration accusing the opposition of not doing their job when they blamed the opposition parties of allowing the ruling coalition falsify election results!

In this piece they accuse LTP of allowing corruption become even worse, political assassinations, economic misdeeds, etc. Obviously, they did not forget to sing the old tired song about the cold and dark years either. It's a powerful piece indeed; Goebbels would be proud of it.

But when you try to analyze the situation a little, you realize that this piece tells a lot more about the misdeeds of the current regime than LTP. Corruption now is much worse than during the LTP years as the amount of bribes has grown together with the number of areas where you need to grease palms to get business done.

The biggest political assassination occurred on Serzh Sargsian's watch when the PM and Speaker of Parliament, together with ministers and MP-s, were murdered. Add to that a number of officials killed such as the Prosecutor General a few years ago and people who were officials during the HHSh rule (Artsrun Margarian,

The polarization of the economy in the hands of a few people again occurred during the Kocharian/Sargsian years.

I am still undecided about the condition of democracy during LTP vs. the current administration. LTP banned the Dashnak Party in 1994. The Kocharian regime allowed it back into business but has been suppressing any dissent with carrots like government posts or sticks such as jailing and/or beating the crap out of the oppositionists.

Anyway, not to bore you with well known facts, here is the Haylour propaganda piece, or as they call it - "analysis". Enjoy.

Update (09252007): the video was originally posted at Uzogh's blog - he is also the author of the Youtube video. Here is where it was posted:


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Ruben, I didn't call you a nazi; I don't know you personally so I can't call you that. I will put a link to your blog - the Youtube author name may not be obvious to a casual reader.

Ruben Muradyan said...

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