Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An interesting question.

Uzogh raised an interesting question in a comment to the entry below. The ARF Dashnakcutyun party is a National Socialist party. The term Nazi comes from the abbreviation of NAZIonal Socialist party.

Can ARF be called a Nazi party and its members Nazis? I do not like the sound of it but I am sure there are diverging views on this. I myself consider them a nationalists but not Nazis - I haven't seen them claim racial superiority.


Haik said...

I think it is possible to be a Nazist but not a racist. Racism is a step further. The Tseghakrons are mainly racists even though it is also a confusing party as most of them are just pagans calling them Arians. Hitler distorted the arian image. Arians were just a civilisation and unfortunatly after Hitler not much research was done on them.
Another thing is fascists I think many of Njdeh's idealogy is based on fascism. I tried to read some of his books and believe me they were very racist.
I believe Njdeh was a Dashnak and he had many dashnak followers so here is a possible link.
however the early Dashnaks were Libertarian Socialists also known as Anarchists. It was even written in their first manifesto. Anarchism is probably the only thing that has no any relation to racism. It is not a racial movement/ideology it is a movement against hierarchy and capitalism. You can read more in Wikipedia.
Just to add that sometimes Patritism is confued with nationalism. I think Nationalism is very close to racism but Patriotism is not.

Anonymous said...

Off topic...
A similar order would be good for armenian officials...

Mamim, the mayor of the Kazakh capital, Astana, on September 24 issued
an order compelling all senior municipal government officials to use
public transport, Interfax-Kazakhstan reported. Mamim explained that
the directive applies to "the heads of all municipal departments,
mayors of two districts in Astana, [and] all my deputies," and
requires them to "use public transport [at least] once every three
days." He added that the measure also orders the head of the Astana
municipal interior department, General Serimzhan Dosumov, "change his
military uniform to civilian dress and travel by public transport" at
least twice a week. RG

Onnik Krikorian said...

Haik, agree with your point about nationalism. Always have.

Anonymous, hmmm, travel by public transport?

If Kazakhstan is anything like Armenia, they'd need about half a dozen armed and beefy bodyguards to travel with them too.

nazarian said...

I don't think orders such as traveling by public transport, or the one in Russia barring the bureaucrats to say 'I don't know', help the situation. These are cosmetic measures to cover up much more fundamental flaws in the system and only helps the issuers gain a few populist points.