Thursday, September 20, 2007

Armenian wrestler Patrikeev wins a bronze medal in the 007 Wrestling World Championship.

Here is an excerpt from the article in describing it:

...Ботев уступил в первой же схватке кубинцу Михаилу Лопесу, но в дальнейшем посланник острова Свободы дошел до финала, победив по дороге натурализованного армянина Юрия Патрикеева. Зал радовался, кричал, чуть ли не бесновался. Кто же тогда мог предположить, что эта победа, за которой последовал выход кубинца в финал, принесет гораздо больше негативных эмоций, чем позитивных.
Никто не мог этого предполагать и после того, как в первой утешительной схватке Ботев расправился с "узбеком" Давидом Салдадзе. Казалось, что он сможет победить Патрикеева и не дать возможности подняться в Баку армянскому флагу. Однако Ботев проиграл. Патрикеев вышел на "белоруса" Иосифа Чугошвили и не оставил ему шансов. Армянский флаг поднялся под сводами СКК на третий день соревнований.

...[Anton] Botev lost in the first match to Cuban Michael Lopez, but later the representative of the Liberty Island reached the finals, in the process defeating the naturalized Armenian Yuri Patrikeev. The audience got excited, shouted, almost went nuts. Who, then, could predict that this victory, which allowed the Cuban to get to the final, would evoke a lot more negative emotions than positive. No one could suggest that even after the first battle reassuring Botev crushed Uzbek David Saldadze. It seemed that he could win Patrikeev and not to allow the Armenian flag rise in Baku . However, Botev lost. Patrikeev wrestled with Belorussian Joseph Chugoshvili and left him no chances. The Armenian flag was raised according to CCM points on the third day of the competition.


Haik said...

So much hatred. I dont think any reconciliation is close between these two nations. from what i can see the Armenians are more tolerant towards Azeris than the vice versa. Maybe because we won the war? But then what about the 1915-20 when we lost?
What I would suggest is to stay alert as these States ( I dont say people) are always ready to hurt the small Armenia.

Onnik Krikorian said...

I actually don't see much hatred in the English, and certainly not compared to the hatred I saw in quite a few games held during the recent Pan-Armenian Games in Yerevan.

Maybe I'm missing something, although if you're referring to the raising of the flag, Tsarukian set the ball rolling on that one, but at least it was raised and no incidents occurred.

I wonder if the same would be true the other way around, although probably yes if the authorities cordoned off the ARF-D office like they had to do with nationalists in Baku.

Anyway, from what I've read so far, the wrestling match in Baku passed off without incident, the athlete's security was secured, and in important precedent was set. More on the event here.

nazarian said...

Onnik, it's not as bad as the material you come across in the Azeribaijani media. But it's still very biased for a sports news. That was the only place they emphasized the audience responses.