Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Frog legs.

There is a new mom and pop place in the town called "Fish 'n Wingz". They advertised chicken gizzards, chicken wings and fried catfish so I was curious to see what kind of food it was. I thought it was a black owned place since these are foods from the South. Yesterday we went there to get some food for lunch. Well, it's owned by a Chinese couple and the cook was a young Chinese man. I found it very funny that you will get Southern food in Indy prepared by a Chinese cook.

One of the menu items was frog legs. I've never had it and always wanted to try it. I think they make it in Louisiana but I've never been South of Alabama or Tennessee so had never seen it on a menu.

I have to say that I had the strangest feeling when I started eating it. The meat tastes like a cross between fish and chicken and it is chewy. The bones have rounded ends unlike any other leg bones I have seen. But, overall, it was an OK tasting meat.

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