Sunday, September 02, 2007

Non-dairy creamer.

It's been at least two months since I stopped drinking coffee. I had noticed that I was not able to function properly until I had had coffee in my over sized coffee mug. In the evening I would actually look forward to the next morning's coffee.

Last Thursday I had to drive for some 7 hours on a business trip so I prepared a cup of coffee - Mexican instant coffee with half water and half non-homogenized organic milk. It was quite good and kicked ass. I don't know if it was the two month break or the ingredients were actually tasty in that proportion.

Non-homogenized organic milk might not be a big deal for people who live in Armenia. I remember being asked if I wanted to drink some milk that had just been milked and was still as warm as the cow it came from. Having lived in America for a long time, I found it unsettling. I had to have it boiled before I drank. Yes, living in this country makes you paranoid about a lot of things and not only food. But my goal is to have raw milk the next time I'm in Armenia.

Pasteurized and homogenized milk is still OK in my book. The are far worse degraded dairy products in this country. The next step below is 2% milk, then it degrades further to skim and non fat milk. The bottom of the dairy products are the fake stuff. You degrade your food intake to non-dairy creamer and imitation cream.

Why in the world do people buy these things? You should see the ingredients on these things. They are promoted heavily on TV and in magazines and people buy them. Then they make their coffee at home and it tastes like crap. So they buy more expensive coffee to brew at home and it still tastes crap. So they end up buying the overpriced junk from Starbucks.

There is a South Park episode that always comes to my mind when I see Coffee Mate and other fake creamers. The South park kids go on a dodge ball tournament in China. The Chinese commentators start making fun of them and one of the things they comment on was non-dairy creamer.

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Haik said...

It is all crazy. The things has been so much corrupted that led to creation of the word Non-homogenized. To me there is a milk and a homogenized milk. Otherwised it sounds as if a NON-homogenized is a bad thing.
Homogenization is an extra process that increases the price of milk. In my opinion the only reason for its introduction is for big milk factories to kick farmers out of the business as direct milk sellers and standardise the milk made out of the processed milk-powder.