Friday, April 10, 2009

The Two-bit Manager.

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the appointment of SS as the manager of Armenia. To honor that, this person had an interview with the Russian TV. Of course, as any good governor of a Russian outpost, he spoke in Russian. As usual, his ideas were sub par.

If you can stand to go through the torture of watching that person speak, here is the video that was broadcast on Russian TV.


Anonymous said...

an asshole, he is celebrating 1 year of misery and blood shedding

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Every time I've heard an interview with this prime sample of Homo Fucktardicus he's sounded like he's suffering from serious depression. No doubt, part of the reason is that everything has been scripted for him, he's not a good actor, and he comes across as a guy who is trying to put on a poker face while lying--which he is.

Except, in the clip, right in the beginning, when the interviewer walks up to him and says "Barev Dzez" his head started bobbing back and forth like his neck were made out of rubber. Which suggests there is hope for him. There are two hopes for him: either as a circus-freak next to the bearded lady, or as a jolly fat man in a tavern in the 15th century.

Houys said...

A very nice profile on Armenia's president. At least he is 1,000,000 times more likeable than founding banditocrat Levon Anter Petrossian with his disgustingly arrogant ways.

Haik said...


What you see are symptoms of a long time drug addict. I haven't observed him closely ( I couldnt stand watching him for more than 2-3 minutes) but the following signs are very vividly visible:
- Abnormally slow movements, speech or reaction time, confusion and disorientation (often seen in opiates, benzodiazepines and barbiturates)
-Increased irritability, agitation and anger
- Unusual calmness, unresponsiveness or looking “spaced out”
- Apathy and depression
- Paranoia, delusions
- Temporary psychosis, hallucinations
- Lowered threshold for violence

Watch this one:

Anonymous said...

After spending so much time with the opposition leaders, Haik probably has come a long way in recognizing the effects of drug use among addicts.

Houys said...


the symptoms you mention perfectly describe Nikol Pashinyan, Alik Arzumanyan and especially Shantik Harutyunyan. The latter is rightfully in a psychiatric ward. Alik was just appointed external affairs minister of Vardashen qreakataroxakan. And I hear Nikol has a new job selling leftover Bjni, as magic potion in Europe.


PS Of course, all this with the approval of founding banditocrat Levon.

me said...

Serj Sargsyan-prezident Armenii.Seriously, who ever thought we'd see those words strung together? What an embarrassment this guy is...I could not believe that the first thing he said about the crisis was the decline of "so called transfers" as he said. To summarize, remittances from xopanchis have decreased so the Armenian economy has collapsed. That's something you expect to hear in a KVN sketch, not from the mouth of "prezidenta Armenii." What a tool.
P.S. If the 2008 movement achieved nothing else, որոշ մարդկանց նախկինում անհաղթահարելի Լևոնի և Վանոյի անձերի հետ կապված բարդույթը տարածեց Նիկոլի վրա: Good Stuff.

Anonymous said...

me - except that it is true, and it is not so much politically motivated as you think.

it is no secret that remittances make up a large portion of our revenue. this is the policy introduced by LTP as president and continued since: export Armenians instead of importing jobs.

me said...

It's no secret that Armenian economy as such does not exist and completely relies on transfers from outside. It is the absolute 100% truth, that's not the issue here. The issue here is going to state TV in Russia as the Armenian president and talking about the crisis only in terms of how it has affected the diaspora. C'mon, we know he's a clown, the least we could hope for is having advisers who aren't.

And enough with this Levon crap, we're talking about here and now. Levon hasn't been in power since '98, while Serzh has held positions of power since independence.

Anonymous said...

woe is me.

Houys said...

levonakan me,

Levon is the founding banditocrat. He founded oligarchy, corruption, banning political parties, in one word all the evils that we see now.

These things cannot be changed overnight (10-15 years). Entire Armenian nation's curse is on the one-eyed monster.

me said...

Exactly from what did you deduct that I am a "levonakan"? What the fuck does that even mean?
You're absolutely right, before Levon, none of the things you mentioned existed in our society. Somehow, the one-eyed monster was able to change everything in half an overnight (8 years) but our next two benevolent presidents (who had absolutely no problem with Levon or his actions before '98) can't do it given twice that time. I'll leave the conclusions to you.

Anonymous said...


Even 15 years is not enough to fix the 8 years of destruction (1988-1996) brought on by the one-eyed monster.
I don't see much difference between Talaat and Levon except their last names. To fix what they caused our nation will take decades
to fix.

Where is the new Tehlirian amongst us?

nazarian said...

What an idiocy.

spm said...

it is funny that people who call Levon bandit, can tolerate Muk. It is funny that after nine years since Levon left voluntarily they still speak of him every time someone says Serj is a fuckturd. What one has to do with another?
Can any of you, idiots, start a sentence: SS is a good president, because...." and end it without bringing up LTP?

Anonymous said...

sp(a)m -

Can you even write a full sentence?

Harutyun said...

isn't it clear that these people are trained and are here for one thing only: to spread their lords' dirt everywhere where still there is a clean spot?

And, a correction: Levon was president from mid-October 1991 to early February of 1998. So, it was 5 years and 3,5 months. And almost all of that time SS and robik were there too and praised him.

Since we all see why these guys are here, why do we even bother us with responding them and making their scheme work?

Ani said...

Jeez, go offline for a few days and when you come back, the place is infested with KGB agents. Do they propagate like insects in the spring or something??