Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mauser Purchase on Hold.

Just as I had located the Mauser rifle, the buddy of mine, through whom I have transferred the ownership on firearms, got deployed to Iraq.

I wish him luck and I hope he is safe and sound while on duty there.

A small primer in the US gun laws for non-Americans: when a firearm is purchased online, it has to be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensed person. Then the FFL runs the buyer through a background check with the FBI prior to giving the firearm to the buyer. There are other restrictions that vary by state. The FBI background check is the Federal restriction on firearm purchase.

Old collectible guns like the Mauser can also be C&R eligible. In addition to an FFL, a C&R (Curio and Relic) licensee can take delivery of the firearm.


spm said...

Nazarian, buying a mauser entitles you to be Mauserist. It is so wrong....

nazarian said...

Just because someone owns an old Mauser, doesn't mean they are a mauserist (as far as I know, a mauserist was someone belonging to a dashnak militia - they were armed with Mauser pistols, not rifles).

But I might be mistaken about what a mauserist is, actually.