Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The other day I saw this Canadian Goose doing a home improvement on her nest. The first thought I had was 'Hmm, omelet'. Later in the week I came across a farmer selling goose eggs at the market. Bought 2 for a dollar each. Haven't eaten them yet. He said they are worth 3 chicken eggs.


Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

The goose must have gotten on at a fixed rate.

nazarian said...

Today I checked and the nest had been destroyed. I thought by law once they had a nest, it could not be disturbed as the Canadian Geese are a protected species. Gotta check the latest status of the law. It really pisses me off when the animals are bothered in such a way.

Hayaser said...

same here, i dont condone destroying/disturbing of animals and their habitats

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Yeah, that's something we can agree on. People who hurt animals should have their heads chopped off and shoved up their asses. Seriously. I'm not a PETA supporter or anything, but I saw a guy kick a dog once and heard the dog moan, and I seriously wanted to kill the guy.

Actually, Armenian villagers have a history of taking care of their animals, like donkeys and such. The Kurds used to breed good dogs. They probably still do.

Come to speak of it, my uncle has a black stallion named Mary. A beautiful horse. He loves horses and knows everything about them, as in he can tell what they're thinking, pays attention to the position of their ears, and rides English style, and all that.

He has raised Mary from birth and trained her. Now she weighs more than a thousand pounds. You stand next to all that muscle and it is clear that if she kicks you, you will at the very least be paying a visit to the emergency room, you know, putting your ribs back into place, assuming they haven't shattered into bone gravel.

And yet, she is the shy-est, most easily scared mammal that I know. If she were human, you'd have to bring her flowers and sweet talk her for hours on end to get her to trust you.

No, seriously. People who abuse animals should have very, very bad things done to them. I won't get into the details.