Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blogger Detained, Released.

Aramazd, the owner of the blog, was detained by the Armenian police. His house was searched, his electronic devices like photo and video cameras and his computer were confiscated. He was taken to the police station and detained for a few hours. Fortunately, he was then released. The police have told him to appear for questioning on April 17 as well.

His 'crime' is that he has a blog and is a friend of Nikol Pashinian, the editor of the Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper who is now in the hiding after the March 1 bloodbath in Yerevan. The Armenian government executed 10 people on the streets of Yerevan on March 1, 2008.


Hayaser said...

we should execute PASHINYAN and his JEWtp master, at least those who were responsible for creating this JEWISH like UPRISING against our own little ROMAN "mafia" EMPIRE GUBERNATO...rk/ss.

DROP DEAD PASHINYAN and keep on LICKING YOUR JEWpt master zionists ass

Anonymous said...

I hold pashinyan, more than anyone else, responsible for the sad deaths of servicemen and demonstrators. this reality is a far cry from your hysterical reporting that "govt executed 10 people in the streets."

If pasha didn't whip up the mob, there would never have been clashes. It is that simple.

This may not fit into the mantra of "blame the government for all our woes" paradigm, but it is the sad reality.

aram said...

Anonymous if you prefer to live like a sheep that's your choice not ours.
We already live such a life for many years in USSR.

Anonymous said...

Hayaaser and Anonymous...
Stop the "ostrich" mentality...enough already...

Anonymous said...

Animal-centric opposition, here.

Sheep, ostrich, what's next? Damn these guys need a psychiatrist.

Houys said...

I am very glad the government is finally taking courageous steps against provacateurs and traitors in Armenia.

I say this with all my heart: Each victory against founding banditocrat Levon is a victory for the entire Armenian nation

me said...

Ok seriously how does detaining a blogger amount to a victory against "the founding banditocrat" Levon? What level of absolute delusion do you have to reach to believe that?

Anonymous said...


Any single step against any levonakan is tantamount to doing something good for Armenia. As an Armenian I will never forgive what that man did and continues doing against his nation.

And since he only understands from this language:

Eye against an eye. (in his case ... literally).

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

This is to the Djerzhinsky-ite pushing his pencils and occasionally spreading propaganda somewhere in the asbestos infested offices of the Armenian Security Services, which is to say, the A.S.S. employee:

Get a new narrative: How many times do we have to hear from the supposedly disgruntled passer-by who will "never forgive that man" for the "things that he did against his nation"?

What "things" did he do except lead it through a war? Or do you think the people of Armenia believe he should have managed having them have a foot massage every evening while the country is at war?

Houys said...

Filadelfiayi Arman,

1. not establish oligarchic system in Armenia: courtesy of Telman Ter Petrosyan, and the Soukiassyans.

2.Not artificially make Armenians' life unbearable through disfunctioning of the nuclear power plant,meanwhile selling energy to Georgia to end up in the pockets of HHSh mafiosi. And causing the immigration of 1 million Armenians.

3.Not to found the system of vote rigging vote buying and faking parliamentary elections,constitution (1995) and presidential elections and illegally "winning" these votes setting a precedent.

4. Being the ONLY president in the history of Armenia to ban a party,seize all its possessions and exile its members effectively establishing a dictatorship.

5. Allowin Vano to commit NUMEROUS political killings in the 90's just to make the arena free for his own interests.

6.Encouraging corruption at all levels. And I mean ALL levels as long as the money went to the HHSh pockets.

All of the above have NOTHING to do with leading a war. Nothing. In fact he didn't want to lead that war. The real leadership in the military affairs in 1988-1994 were 4 people:

Vazgen Manukyan
Vazgen Sargsyan
Robert Kocharyan
Serge Sargsyan

So Filadelfiatsi go and lick your master's left eye, until the nation finds its new Tehlirian.All hayrenaser Armenians say to you:

Never again and long live levonzerc Hayastan!