Sunday, February 22, 2009

Them Monies Keep Pilin'.

As the readers might know, the Bjni mineral water spring, manufacturing facilities and trademark rights have been up for sale in Armenia. Bjni was at some point owned by Khachadour Sukiasian, an MP that supported LTP during the last presidential elections. As a 'thank you', Serj Sargsian promptly decided to arrest him and take away his assets. Bjni was taken away from Mr. Sukiasian on some flimsy charges regarding short term debt.

Bjni has been on the auction block for a couple of times without any buyers. This time, an MP called Ruben Hayrapetian, aka Nemets Rubo, aka the head of the Armenian Soccer Federation, has bought Bjni. Obviously, he did not do it to make money. He just wants to save the jobs at Bjni and help the people.

There have been questions about the legality of his purchase since an MP cannot buy businesses according to the Constitution. Also, there have been questions about where he got the money since his official income is $12,000 a year. He doesn't seem to pay any taxes which helps 'them monies to pile'.

But, since this is Armenia we are talking about, such questions about legality and stuff bring a weak smile to my face since the auction itself was illegal.

And now the spectacle. Here is Mr. Hayrapetian 'splainin' why he did it.


Ani said...

I swear I've seen all these guys on that Gambino Bergin Hunt & Fish Club tape...

nazarian said...

Nikol Pashinian has a funny take on this:

armenianamerica said...

Ruben Hayrapetian's comments about his acquirement of the company is quite interesting. I must say, I do agree with his statement about the peculiarity behind Khachadour Sukiasian's initial acquirement of the company itself during Ter-Petrossian's administration, although I do not support the current government's actions against Sukiasian and Hayrapetian's own involvement.

After all, this shouldn't be justified merely as an "eye for an eye." Again, I can't help but agree with Hayrapetian's statement that those who question his involvement should also question Sukiasian's initial involvement in obtaining the company. Grant it, I do not have sufficient knowledge on the details of the whole issue.

Anonymous said...

this is the trouble with those in the opposition defending the crooks on the run like sukiasyan etc. they created the oligarch structure and culture in armenia, and now when they lose the king of the hill game, they cry foul. how pathetic.

nazarian said...

I do not have an opinion about what was done to Bjni 15 years ago (I don't have the facts and didn't know who it belonged to until a year ago) but I am more concerned about the current situation and the FUTURE rather than history. History is good for learning not to repeat the same mistakes.

The rule of law and order has been severely eroded during the past few years and no patriot can sit idly and tolerate this. It endangers the future of the very existence of independent Armenia and I cannot sit silent and observe.