Monday, February 09, 2009

Law Enforcement in Armenia.

Here is a video of the head of the guards at the Khosrov National Preserve killing a boar. His job is to stop people who kill animals at Khosrov. Killing animals is strictly forbidden although there are stories about the former president Robert Kocharian killing deer from a helicopter there (with a machine gun).


Ani said...

It seems that the boar did not die in vain:

Khosrov Forest Preserve Official Sacked for Illegal Hunting

Gor Hovhannisyan was summarily sacked from his position as head of the Kakavaberd district of the Khosrov National Forest Preserve after having been caught on video tape shooting and killing a protected wild boar within the preserve. Rumors had been circulating in the Armenian press regarding the shooting and evidence had been presented to Aram Harutyunyan, Minister of Nature Protection on February 6.

Once the evidence had been verified, the disgraced official was fired and then fined 1million drams for his illegal deed. Four other employees at the Kakavaberd District received severe reprimands for poor work performance.

Of course, we'll probably never know if he actually pays the fine, but it's a bit of good news, anyway.

Hayaser said...

shat amot u shat shat apsos
pay fine? LMFAO yah that would be the day. lets see 1 million AMD = 3,300-3,350 USD...uhmm, no he wont be paying a penny

Mariam said...

Stuff has been going on in Khosrov for years - I have heard stories from an old ranger of high-ranked government officials shooting game from helicopters. The good thing is that someone is actually making an issue out of it. Way to go!

Speaking of environmental issues, I wonder if the current economic situation might slow down or stop the destruction of the Teghut forest.
Does anybody know?

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Why don't they just give him a spear and stick him in a ring with a wild boar?

nazarian said...

Mariam, I haven't heard about Teghut for some time but my guess is its destruction will not stop. After all, there is money to be made from all these cut trees.

There have been exposes lately in Aravot about the forests being cut down in the Lori region and being exported. Of course, there has not been any reaction from the state making it obvious that they are involved in this, too. The trucks used to carry the lumber abroad do not have number plates. You can't cross the border like that without the authorization of some high ranking bandits.

Mariam said...

What I discovered, is that people who do that, do not plan to stay in Armenia, or to raise their childern there. They are planning to rip, rape and run.

It hurts!