Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Generals of March 1.

The snapshot on the left is from a video captured on March 1, 2008, around 3pm near the Government Building in Yerevan. At the same time the Armenian Army was being deployed in downtown Yerevan. As soon as the man in gray hair saw that he was being filmed, he sat in the white SUV. It is clear that he does not want to be filmed and as a result is on the video for the total of three seconds. But that is enough time to recognize that he is the head of the Armenian Army department of arms, General Major Mels Chilingarian, in civilian clothes. Before that he was in the Government Building and after coming out, he had shouted orders to some Army personnel.

And the fact that he is in civilian clothes is no coincidence. The high ranking military officers had recognized that all that they had already done on March 1, and whatever they had planned to do that evening, were unconstitutional and illegal.

The presence of these high ranking military people in their uniforms would prematurely indicate that these people were getting ready to implement a military coup d'etat by executing the civilians: which they did a few hours later.


Anonymous said...

What a melodrama you paint...executing civilians?? Like anywhere on earth, after months of illegal demonstrations (many calling for violence and shouts for serviceman to join the revolution against the state), some people were tragically killed in the uprising.

I hope the perpetrators who pushed the sacrificed lambs to protest are imprisoned, those who are currently jailed for only political reasons freed, and everyone can go back to work and get on with their lives.

Enough profiteering from sensationalizing a tragic day.

Haik said...

maybe you are not aware of the facts. at least two people who were not demonstrators were shot on head by sniper(s), right in the middle of eyes when they came out to their balconies: one to lit a cigarette the second to see what was going on. Both of them miraculously survived but they are paralysed because of brain damage. If this is not execution than what is?
As for demonstrators 4 people were shot from Carrabins (tear gas bullets) on their chests or heads within 2 meters of distance, one person was shot on the back of his head in execution style from a pistol that is usually carried by army and police officers. The other death occurred because of ricochet of bullets shot from AK machine guns or particles released from tear gas bullets or tear gas bombs.
None of the people who gave orders or shoot were brought to justice after one year.
As for legallity of demos according to Armenian constitution people have the right to gather and express their opinions.
If you are misinformed about basics do a little bit of reserach before you come up with misleading comments.

nazarian said...

One fact that does not get mentioned very often is that five of the 10 people killed were either Artsakh War veterans or children of Artsakh War veterans. Not to diminish the deaths of the others, it is disturbing that this is how we treat our war vets.

One thing is clear - the current administration that came to power with military force has to go. They are bad for Armenia and they are bad for the Armenians in Armenia and in Spyurq.