Monday, February 02, 2009

Long Winter Predicted.

Phil has predicted another 6 weeks of winter. He failed to see his shadow so we are in for a long winter this year.

I wonder what the groundhog that lives under our barn thinks. Yesterday I went to check and his burrow was full of frozen water. I couldn't tell if he has relocated to a drier place but if he is not back this summer, I'll be happy. He has a knack for selecting the best vegetables in the garden before me. But then, again, he patrols the area constantly while we go there to pick veggies if we need it.

Picture: Copyright © 2009 AFP. All rights reserved.


Hayaser said...

time for xorovac groundhog...hmmm ba hamov u hotov a hah, lmfao !

nazarian said...

I don't know about that. I don't they eat groundhogs even in the South. But they usually look juicy - far better than the possums or squirrels that the Southerners eat.

Haik said...

I read somewhere that the squirrels have nutty taste.