Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No Pessimism Today.

So, today I am going to be posting about optimistic stories. I will not be posting about the things that happened today and might be considered as pessimistic news:
- former boxing world champion Israel Hakobkokhian gets beaten up by the bodyguards of Dodi Gago Tsarukian, the chief of the Prosperous Armenia Party and the chief of the Olympic Committee of Armenia, as he attempts to ask a question at a conference;
- during the past 1 month, there have been 21 suicides and attempted suicies in Armenia, with the latest two deaths occuring during the past 2 days;
- the murder of the deputy police chief of Armenia, colonel Gevorg Mherian, at his doorstep;
- the drop in Armenian exports;
- the closure of some copper manufacturing facilities;
- etc.

Instead, I will be posting about an optimistic news such as:
- Serj Sargsian leaves for Moscow.

I hope he stays there.


Hayaser said...

This one is difficult to believe...

during the past 1 month, there have been 21 suicides and attempted suicies in Armenia, with the latest two deaths occuring during the past 2 days;

Hayastan is going to hell in a basket, but i doubt ppl are killing themselves over it. who in Hayastan is committing suicide???

nazarian said...

Hayaser, I don't know the profile of the suicides but the reasons, I'm sure, are the same as everywhere - economic situation, depression, etc.

But it seems that these adverse spiritual conditions are stronger in the Armenian population witnessed by the recent survey where the Armenian citizens where the second unhappiest people in the world (after the Zimbabweans). My hope is that with the restoration of law and order in the country, where the dignity of each individual is respected, will help alleviate this problem.

Otherwise, the only other solution will be Prozac (or immigration).

Anonymous said...

Whoever could emigrate did so after March 1.

Ani said...

Yet another suicide found today:

[08:00 pm] 04 February, 2009

A youth’s body dressed in an army uniform was found under Kievyan Bridge at 20.30, February 3. A task group arrived at the ocus delicti in a short while and identified the body. Arthur Matevosyan, 1982, served in the Russian frontier troops.

Investigation is under way

Anonymous said...

As far as people who emigrated after march...it is the same ole story. Many people emigrated after 99 when they had tied their hopes to Vazgen Sargsyan or Karen Demirchyan, and many 10 years before that who had hoped for soviet power to remain in Armenia.

I am sure lots of the "democracy agents" got a consolation prize visa after March 1 when the colorful revolution didn't materialize.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
Nazarian, I hope u don't mind me using a part of ur article in my video description on YT...



nazarian said...

BSW, sure, no problem.