Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Trial of the Seven Political prisoners Continued Today.

The reporters were barred from the courtroom where 7 of the political prisoners are being 'judged'. The room was mostly occupied by the thick headed power base of the regime. One of the defendants had been beaten by the KGB in his cell so the hearing began late. The court announced a recess after the judge removed the defendants from the courtroom.

Here is a video video where some of the thick heads are seen shouting abuses at a woman. A minion of the regime afterward threatens to create a secret court martial.


Ani said...

Lest anyone think that there is a possibility of a fair trial here, the judge said this today:


The “Case of the Seven” began 40 minutes late and then the court called for a break. In the beginning, Judge Mnatsakan Martirosyan started explaining to the sides their rights declaring that he may remove the criminals if they showed disrespect.

Just wondering, does Dodi Gago run the steroid monopoly in Armenia? Apparently they're big sellers...

nazarian said...

-- remove the criminals

So much for Article 21 of the Constitution. And some wonder why they are called a banditocracy.

Ani said...

Picture of Judge Martirosyan after today's hard labors:


nazarian said...