Friday, December 12, 2008

5 Years for Ashot Manukyan.

As expected, the Armenian regime sentence a good man to jail today. Ashot Manukyan, 63, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for daring to stand up for a free and decent country. Obviously, his family is devastated, but at least we have the moral victory. As the U.S. official who has attended the trials stated:

You can tell your children how their grandfather stood upright and spoke eloquently against corrupt government authorities. I know, because I saw it...

Ashot Manukyan was one of the first people to organize the Karabagh Movement. He was instrumental in finding the resources to make sure that the Artsakh citizens and the Armenian citizens living in the border areas were able to defend themselves. And this is the thanks he gets...

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Demand the Armenian regime Free Ashot Manukyan and the other political prisoners.

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Time line.
December 12: Ashot Manukyan is sentenced to 5 years in prison.

December 5: Today they had the defense summations. According to a American who attended, Mr. Manukyan was quite eloquent in his closing statement. There were about 35 of his supporters in the audience. The judge adjourned the case until next Friday, Dec. 12. Those following the case think the judge will most likely find him guilty and give him 2.5 or 3 years in jail.

November 27: Prosecution recommends a 6 year sentence. Trial set to resume December 5th.

November 20: Political Prisoners on hunger strike. Trial postponed indefinitely.

November 13: Trial delayed until November 20th

November 7: Trial delayed until November 13th

November 3: Trial delayed until November 7th.

October 29: Defense attorney calls in sick, trial postponed until November 3rd.

October 23: Trial postponed until October 29th.

October 15: The defendant is also charged with organizing an unauthorized illegal public demonstration. The court heard testimony from one witness, an individual who had previously pled guilty to a crime relating to the March 1 incident. He had received a suspended sentence for his own conviction. In a series of investigation statements (before trial) the witness stated that he had received approximately $60 from the defendant and that the witness had used the money to bus people into Yerevan for the unauthorized demonstrations at the direction of the defendant. At the trial the witness stated that he had received money from the defendant as part of LTP's campaign, but that the defendant never directed him to use the money for the demonstrations. Unfortunately, the judges in Armenia often base guilty verdicts on pre-trial investigation statements even where the witness comes into court and recants on his prior statement. The court was to hear from two other witnesses. One failed to show up and the other is incarcerated. The court is attempting to bring the incarcerated witness to the trial. The defense counsel made a motion to release Mr. Manukyan but the court denied the motion. The trial to resume Oct. 23.

October 6: Trial postponed at the last minute due to lack of prosecution witnesses.

September 17: Two witnesses testified – both police officers. One testified as the "victim" and the other as a "witness". Per a US official who attended the trial: "The bad news is that this case clearly demonstrates, even assuming that the defendant is completely guilty, that the authorities are out to get him. He took part in the demonstration and he (allegedly) threw a rock that hit a cop in the foot. Minimal injury at worst. This is really no big deal".

September 9: The defense attorney made a motion to disqualify the two prosecutors working on the case. That motion was denied by the judge. The case is moved to the higher felony and adjourned to Sept. 17 to hear from the victim / police officer.

July 29: The prosecutor seeks an adjournment to upgrade the charges to more serious felonies, punishable by 5 to 10 years imprisonment. At the prosecutor's request the court adjourned the case for four weeks.

July 15: After 4 months in 'pre-detention', a trial date is finally scheduled. The court date is later canceled at the last minute due to lack of witnesses.

March 1: Ashot Manukyan is beaten and arrested at dawn after 11 days of peaceful protest of a corrupt election. He is taken to Nubarashen detention center and not allowed to see his family for over a month – until his wounds heal.


Anonymous said...

shame and embarrassment for RA to dare put a 63 yr old man (one of ours) in jail. AMOOOOOOOOOOT !!!

this gov't is not MY gov't, they can drop dead. all of them and their cronies. anyone citizen who supports this MAFIA STALNIST REGIME is not 'A REAL' ARMENIAN in the eyes of such Hayasers as me

Anonymous said...

Being one of the first organizers of the Karabagh movement does not justify criminal activity, and helping burn Yerevan on the night of March 1. Being 63 years old doesn't justify threatening Armenia's statehood and violent overthrow of the government. And yes... Ashot Manukyan supported the biggest threat to independent and democratic Armenia, the neo-bolshevik named levon ter-petrosyan.

You do so many mistakes at once. You should know what the concequence would be. In any country.

Anonymous said...

what american official was at the trial?

antifa said...

Anon at December 12, 2008 10:57 PM

Ashot Manukyan was given 5 years for alegedly throwing a stone and hitting a policeman's leg in the morning of March 1. He was being beaten up in detention at the time when people were slowly gathering opposite French Embassy in anguish and anger, and in hope for protection. in the same manner as our grandfathers were gathering in churches to find refuge from Turks during the Armenian genocide.
It is the behavior of the authorities that lead to rebellion in Yerevan. That was it. at least get your facts right.

On the other hand the people responsible for beating, wounding hundreds of people and killing 10 people walk freely.
On the other hand Robert Kocharyan's bodyguard who beat to death dashnaktsakan Poghos Poghosyan at broad daylight, in a restaurant toilet was not even handcuffed.
Is this the state that you are protecting? Is this the regime that you call independent and democratic?
It is Robert Kocharyan, Serj Sarksyan and the rest who walked they way to power from Communist bolshevik party to their current positions. The term neo-bolshevism would suits them the best but they are not even that, they are only classical bandids.

Anonymous said...

Hello intifada,

You either look at history (whether one year old,6 month old or 20 year old history), as a partisan (biased) or a good historian (neutral).
In this blog the word "banditocracy" has been used hundreds of times. But let us see who established banditocracy in Armenia. The honour belongs to Levon Ter Petrosyan, Vano Siradeghyan and to a certain extent Vazgen Sargsyan (may he rest in peace, but the truth be told). Numerous political killings (masterminmded by Vano),oligarchic system (Telman Ter Petrosyan, Sukiasyans among others), undemocratic elections both parliamentary (1995) and presidential (1996), and forced migration of 1 million Armenians out of their homeland, banning one of the oldest Armenian political parties and jailing their leaders (whereas most of them were NOT guilty, and there is still no proven reason why the party should have been banned); These are facts that only if you're a partisan, you will deny.

I am neither a Serjakan, nor a Robakan, nor a Levonakan, nor a Dashnaktsakan nor any "akan".
I am an Armenian with a very good memory of the last 20 years and what has happened in Armenia.

In any country (democratic, less democratic or undemocratic) no one will take you seriously, when you use the expression "It is the behavior of the authorities that lead to rebellion in Yerevan". This is irresponsible, immature and childish to say the least.

As far as I am concerned when irresponsible brainwashed people (whether Artsakh heroes, 90 years old or 16 years old etc. etc.) take part in organized violence , and attempt to take down the government they should expect violence. Violence begets violence, even in the most "democratic" country in the world: United States of America. In Armenia this was affirmed by LTP himself in every single day of the eight years he and his associates were in control.

On March 1 the "Turks" were those supporters of Levon who burnt Yerevan, who beat up and killed police officers. There is no doubt in my mind that the criminals who organized this and especially the so-called "Group of Seven" (Alik and the rest) should get not less than 10 years in jail. This should be a lesson to any Armenian that violence and rebellion against the hard-earned Armenian statehood should not be tolerated.

Last but not least, I do not think very highly of Robert Kocharian.But on March 1st he acted very responsibly, just like any strong president who puts the interests of his country first. He used moderate yet quick force to get rid of the biggest menace to Armenian statehood since the October 27 massacre in parliament.

I am sure this will never ever be repeated again, now that most of the criminal masterminds are thankfully sitting jail for long time

With the end of 2008, this "levonakan revolution" issue should be closed once and for all, and we should go on rebuilding our country hand in hand and not through violence.


antifashist said...

Hitler was a hero once upon a time. He was praised for crushing anything that was not good for nazional socialism.
Robik is our moder hero, he is the only man, the only hero.

Heil Serjik, Heil Robik, and heil the allmighty "Haylur"!

Anonymous said...

you did not answer my post. And making derogatory statements only nullifies the cause you have.
The only other person in the same category as Hitler is Stalin, if you know any better.

Serge and Rob are regular imperfect human beings whose biggest contribution to Armenian history will be organizing the liberation of Artsakh. I also feel Serge is doing a great job as President, approaching his first year on the throne. The levonakan danger is all but extinct. Armenians were spared a new "white" genocide by levon and his HHSh.

May 2009 be a year of open borders and a prosperous Armenia.

antifa said...

You miss one big point Serj Sargsyan was not elected as a president. That's a good enough reason for not accepting his regime.

Anonymous said...


According to many Americans George Bush was also not elected in 2000.
That did not stop him from ruling the world's biggest democracy for the next eight years.

So...conspiracy theories always exist. But politics evolves and history is the judge.

Serge Sargsyan is the President of the Republic of Armenia until 2013. You might or might not like that.That will not change the fact. And if any responsible Armenian supports Armenia's statehood, he also supports the symbols of the statehood: the President, the PM, the government, the Constitutional Court. I might not agree with them always but as long as Armenia's independence statehood are a blessing these personna represent just that.

me said...

"whose biggest contribution to Armenian history will be organizing the liberation of Artsakh."
This I'm assuming will happen sometime in the future? Cuz it hasn't happened yet....

Anonymous said...


once more ...facts.we just celebrated the 16th anniversary of the independent Nagorno Karabakh Republic. This was achieved DESPITE all the efforts of Levon and Vano NOT to achieve it. This was achieved by Vazgen Sargsyan, Vazgen Manoukian, Monte Melkonian, Serge Sargsyan, Robert Kocharian, Arkady Ter-Tadevossian and Samvel Babayan, Artur Mkrtchian, all of them mocked or even killed by the HHSh mafia. All those mentioned were leading the organized resistance, when Vano was entertaining prostitutes (and luring a Mexican actress to Armenia, to sleep with her) and Levon was too busy banning parties and getting rid of his political opponents (even through physical elimination). As the first president elected it was totally up to Levon, what kind of independent Armenia he wanted to establish. But Levon was too busy representing himself as a peacemaker and "intelligent" politician at the expense of free Artsakh. Levon did not even care to visit the long-suffering earthquake zone ONCE, let alone try to rebuild it. Levon was too busy stopping the nuclear power station so Armenians (me and my family included) would freeze in sub-zero temperatures.Levon was too busy making his own brother Telman , the top oligarch in Armenia and establish the oligarchic corrupt Armenia.

The liberation of Artsakh has been secured since May 1994, Park Astudzo. That's 14 glorious years and I wish and I am sure it will be 1400 glorious years, as long as the likes of levon/vano don't divide the Armenian nation.

Artsakh was liberated by hayrenaser Armenians,some silent, some not so silent heroes (two of those heroes became presidents of Armenia, and Levon was NOT one of them. How were the two as presidents? You're free to have your verdict. But that will not change a bit their role in the most defining moment of modern Armenian history. Levon had this chance in 1991, This chance was given to him by the Armenian nation. Sadly he will only be remembered as the first president who rigged the parliamentary AND presidential elections, the first president who rigged the constitution referendum, The first president who QUIT before his term ended, and the first president who years later, instead of becoming a uniting voice, blew his chance a secopnd time, by being a dividing force, by burning down Yerevan, by being the main reason for 10 Armenians being killed during criminal riots he instigated, and being the main reason why tens of Armenians have to be in jail for years to come. Can he look them in the eye and say "it was worth it"? Never. Can Nikol Pashinian (living in the comforts of Europe look in the eyes of the families of the ones rightfully jailed and say "it was worth it" ? Immoral.

Ter Petrosyan and his team have totally expired themselves as a political force. A person who burns down his capital city,FOR ANY REASON, can never be forgiven by his own people.

As a mature Armenian I can only support our statehood (however lacking it might be) and our president (whatever faults he may have). But criminals who loot and burn down their capital city have to suffer the consequences, if they are 63,73 or 83 years old.

Five years was too short even by U.S. standards. Ten years AT LEAST!

antifa said...

anonymous or maybe reflective
You have no clue what you are talking about. I will not waste my breath on you.

emma said...

Is the "Armenian statehood" a cover up for you to defend so enthusiastically the existing Karabagh clan?

Anonymous said...


Very good answer by someone who doesn't have a real answer. Bravo!


I don't identify Armenian statehood with personalities or clans. We have a President and Prime Minister and they represent the independent Republic of Armenia. And for me as a proud Armenian that's above everything. Even when those jobs were occupied by Levon TP and Vazgen Manoukian and harmed the Armenian nation so much. They still represented Armenian statehood. A dream come true.

That is a constant that's above everything. Think like real citizen. Period.

me said...

This was achieved by Vazgen Sargsyan, Vazgen Manoukian, Monte Melkonian, Serge Sargsyan, Robert Kocharian, Arkady Ter-Tadevossian and Samvel Babayan, Artur Mkrtchian, all of them mocked or even killed by the HHSh mafia.

I'll give you Monte, Kamandos, and Samvel Babayan...The contributions of the rest are nothing but the result of fabricated propaganda.Go to Gharabagh and ask if anyone ever saw Serjhik during the war there. Seriously, do that. He was a food curator and distributor, and spent most of the war in Moscow.

I won't answer any of the usual ruminations about LTP, b/c I am simply tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. History will vindicate him.

Everyone's for prosecuting the looters and the robbers, but the problem is that that isn't actually happening, because none of the politicans jailed as a result of March 1 are actually accused of doing that.

What's more, 10 people were killed in the capital in front of thousands of people, including law enforcement officials, and today, 9+ months later we don't have a single suspect. That was the real tragedy, not the stupid storefronts or the few pairs of shoes that were stolen. As the Greek Interior Minister recently said, DEFENDING his government's decision not to interfere with the riots, "Human life is top priority. Property comes next.

and as a final thought, to avoid looking like a fool in the future, please refrain from speaking on behalf of the Armenian people and purporting to represent the opinions of all.