Sunday, December 07, 2008

20 Years.

20 years and a little less than 12 hours ago I was lucky to stay alive. 25,000 people were not as lucky.

The Spitak Earthquake was perhaps the most traumatizing event in the modern Armenian history. I still remember the decimated villages with a piles of rubble and an intact roof on top of it which used to be the homes of the people. The eerie feeling I got walking past the coffins of different sizes, colors and shapes in Spitak. The white antiseptic power that was spread over the rubble.

I just hope it doesn't happen again.

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Anonymous said...

that tragedy still disturbs me today, still saddens me today
we have come so far since then
i hope Gyumri/Spitak will prosper as it should be doing. i suspect russiaa to have involvment making that quake happen. there is a russian military base in our Gyumri, and i believe those evil rooskies were bomb testing underground, and testing many other things, and detonated a bomb to test and see what the outcome would be.