Friday, December 19, 2008

Seven on Trial.

The bandits of Armenia have kicked off the trial of the Seven; they are trying seven oppositionists, including a few members of the parliament and a former foreign minister. This is widely seen as the climax of the political repressions since the March 1 bloodbath on the streets of Yerevan.

The Europeans have hinted that they understand that all these trials are politically motivated spectacles to imprison innocent people for what they think and say. The Banditocracy knows that they have gone too far and Armenia risks becoming a rogue state no matter how much benefit of doubt the Europeans give to the Armenians. As a response, one of the chief figures of the banditocracy, Galust Sahakian, said that Armenia will join 'certain structures' in Muslim countries if the Europeans throw Armenia out of EC. Why does he think the Muslims would welcome Armenia, I don't know.

You can follow the trial on the blog dedicated to the seven political prisoners - Seven on Trial.

Here is a short video of Alexander Arzumanian at his trial. Pay attention to the KGB guy who jumps up to video the people who started cheering his speech.


Anonymous said...

anyone else remember alik playing tetris instead of going to various subcommittee meetings while posted at the UN in NYC the early 90s?

what a fool. thank the good lord he is no longer in government doing irreparable damage to armenia.

nazarian said...

Anonymous, I don't think there are many people as intimately acquainted with him as you are.

tzitzernak2 said...

Anonymous, I don't agree with any of your words, nor with their implication.
Regardless, even if I did, even if your words and implications were true, that does not make any of the events, trials, injustices, and face it, complete oppression of democracy and human rights, happening now justifiable in any way.

Ani said...

I know it's stupid to try to figure out what Sahakian was implying, but I'm stubborn that way. Maybe he's thinking of Armenia joining this?

or this?

or how about this?

Anyway, leaving Europe is a great idea and should go down really well with Diasporan Armenians, don't you think?? (ahem)

P.S., Anonymous, if we actually believed your lies, then apparently your important job was to watch somebody ELSE play video games. "Irreparable damage to Armenia" -- See Sahakian and company, above.

Anonymous said...

chickens coming home to roost. sad that it took this long, but these trials are simply poetic justice for those who fleeced armenia during its fledgling years.

tzitzernak2 said...

Well, then, my dear anonymous, I hope entire flocks of fowl come home to roost in the poetic justice that will one day come to those who are denying human rights to those in Armenia today.

Anonymous said...

what a shame and disgusting thing this trial is. i for 1 am embarrassed as an iskakan HAY