Monday, October 20, 2008

Visiting the provinces.

The Russian president Medvedev is in Yerevan visiting what is de-facto a Russian province. It's quite surprising that he is paying attention to the country. While it's a nice photo opportunity for the bandit number one, it seems that it would be a waste of time for Medvedev.

How does this fit in the recent events of the Turks becoming very active in the Karabakh resolutions, Medvedev's praise for Azerbaijan being an important Russian partner, the kick in the groin of Georgia, what Levon Ter-Petrosian said three days ago... ? I don't know.

Armenia has no assets left to give to the Russians so it can't be that S.S. wants to sell them something else to finance his banditocracy.


Ani said...

Even Tolstoy visited his serfs now and then. I guess this was the important event he came for, though:

The presidents of Armenia and Russia have attended a gala ceremony of opening Square of Russia in Yerevan on Tuesday. The square is situated in the area between the buildings of the Yerevan Mayor's office and the city History Museum and the House of Moscow - a cultural and business center.
Residents of Yerevan who attended the ceremony warmly greeted the two presidents who spoke at the ceremony. In his speech the Armenian president praised bonds of undying friendship between the Russian and Armenian people.
Upon completion of the ceremony Dmitry Medvedev and Serzh Sargsyan inaugurated a memorable plaque to commemorate the historic event.

nazarian said...

They renamed the "Sakharov Square"?

Anonymous said...

No- it's actually adjacent to where the events of March 1-2 took place.

spm said...

Nazarian, suddenly for us, the country has more value than we thought. The new nuclear plant is big prize for Russians. And geopolitically 5 day war in Georgia has heighten the stakes.

nazarian said...

Spm, looks like it. But I read that the nuclear power plant (Russian owned and operated) has been shut down for repairs that will last for 8 months. I also read that the gas supplies (Russian owned and operated again) from Russia were terminated prior to Medvedev's visit.

These are very powerful messages akin to water-boarding (one of the favorite methods of torture by the CIA).

Anonymous said...

///nuclear power plant (Russian owned =not true, it's Armenian owned =

and operated)
=true, like water, airport, post, etc=

has been shut down for repairs that will last for 8 months.

=true, and it had been always shut down for about half year for the last 12 years. so, nothing new and special=

=I also read that the gas supplies (Russian owned and operated again) from Russia were terminated prior to Medvedev's visit.=

True. It's nothing new, Gas supplies were always stopped for many reasons. However the timing was specific, they could wait for two days.

nazarian said...

I thought the Russians owned the nuclear plant which was given to them together with the rest of the energy production facilities like the Hrazdan thermal power station and the Sevan hydro-electric plants. But I'm glad that the assets of the nuclear plant are on the Armenian books, not Russian.

The 8 months is suspicious, though. As far as I know, it would shut down for a couple of months - from October to December, in the past.

Haik said...

Nuclear power plant is owned by Armenian people but managed by Russians so I guess the profits go to them. Russians also supply the fuel and own the nuclear waste, so we can say that de facto they own it.
Post office is managed by Dutch probably there is shared property between them and Armenian people. Don't know the details.
Zvartnots is leased or owned by Ernekyan.
Water is managed by French/Italians because it is a natural resource they control the supply and basically own the water maybe not the pipelines.

I am not against the private management and in some cases privatization but they were people's property and people should have been asked to grant permission. It is the government's duty to represent the people, take care of their wishes and serve them.
Taking national property away from people and giving it to others without permission is called stealing.
It is the same as a caretaker of your wealth such as a bank starts handing out your money to other people. Exactly what the central bank did to national gold reserves.

Well you couldn't expect much from a person who called himself "the only man", "the leader".
In other words a dictator.

Ani said...

Another Russian "investment" was sort-of announced (via lragir):

The Russian Isvestiya newspaper reports referring to the which for its part refers to the Azerbaijani sources that in 2010 Russia plans to set up the second Russian military base in Armenia. The newspaper writes that the arsenal of the military base will include heavy artillery, tanks, other types of weapon. According to the Azerbaijani media, those are the weapons of the Russian military base in Georgia which were withdrawn in 2006-2007 and were brought to Armenia, the military units of Berd, Idjevan, Tavush. reports that a radar station will be built there, which will control the air of the South Caucasus. The publication of the Izvestiya holds that several regiments of the military base 102 will be deployed in the new Russian military base. The Kremlin is said to underscore the tactical importance of the future military base, expecting to keep Azerbaijan and Armenia under constant control.