Monday, October 27, 2008

Insane times.

Today is the 9-th anniversary of the October 27 massacre in the Armenian Parliament. The Prime Minister, a hero from the Karabakh War, the Speaker of the Parliament, a few ministers and MP-s were killed by a group of ex-Dashnakcakans. The crime is still unresolved and Levon Ter-Petrosian, among many others, implicate Robert Kocharian, the president at the time, as the one who masterminded the killings.

But since there has not been a proper trial, a few of the wtinesses have already died in mysterious circumstances or have been shipped out of the country, and the prosecutor who investigated the crime is one of the political prisoners currently imprisoned, there is no hope that we will know for sure who gave the orders.

These are truly insane times for the Armenian citizens. So many murders and other illegalities have been committed since Robert Kocharian became the president that I am having a hard time keeping a tally (I used to have a spreadsheet counting all the people killed or assaulted by the regime but gave up in the early 2003). It's like a Nazi concentration camp with the Kocharian, and now Sargsian, acting like the guards controlling their victims.

When will this end?

Photo from Zhamanak. Video from A1+.

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