Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Imminent domain seizures in Yerevan.

For the last few years there has been a lot of criticism of the imminent domain process in downtown Yerevan since it was largely done against what the Constitution allowed and against the standards set by the Constitutional Court. In the process, the owners of the homes appropriated by the government were threatened and coerced into accepting compensation below the market value of their properties. Some, who did not agree to accept the money, were evicted by police and their buildings were immediately destroyed. At least one home owner returned home after work to find it gone without his knowledge.

Director and documentary author Tigran Paskevitchian had created a film about the imminent domain seizures in Yerevan some time ago. Not surprisingly, Khzmalian's film was banned in Armenia. Fortunately, with YouTube and the dedication of a few people in the country, the censorship has again been defeated.

Below are the two parts of the film from the A1Plus YouTube channel.

Many thanks to Unzipped for publicizing it first.

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