Friday, October 10, 2008

Breaking the rule.

McCain doesn't shake Obama's hand...


Ani said...

Think I saw this scene in a Sidney Poitier movie once....

Right now, it's MISTER Obama, but pretty soon, PRESIDENT Obama :))

nazarian said...

There is a lot of racial tension among the Republicans now. I read reports people in Wisconsin and Florida advocating to kill Obama during the McCain rallies.

McCain, by acting like a punk, doesn't help the situation.

Ani said...

I'm really quite concerned. The racism pot was on a low simmer on the back burner until the "moose killer" showed up and turned up the heat. People are unhappy and panicking anyway right now so they're more apt to lash out.

One bright note (gotta find it somewhere!), thought of your post when I read this report :)

'Rednecks for Obama' want to bridge yawning culture gap
Tony Viessman, 74, and Les Spencer, 60, got politically active last year when it occurred to them there must be other lower income, rural, beer-drinking, gun-loving, NASCAR race enthusiasts fed up with business as usual in Washington.

Viessman had a red, white and blue "Rednecks for Obama" banner made, and began causing a stir in Missouri, which has emerged as a key battleground in the run-up to the November 4 presidential election.