Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The debate last night.

With an old man wheezing and huffing, it was clear that the expectations from Mr. McCain were going to be low. When he opened his mouth, his arguments were weak and uninspired. Add to that his angry pacing around his chair whenever Obama spoke, and you have a clear picture of how the debate went.


Ani said...

Watched only the first 15 minutes--long enough to hear McCain talk about Obama's "cronies" (Obama has cronies?? well, at least they're not "homeboys"....)

What struck me is how precipitously McCain has aged over the last year. It would be instructive to look at some video of him from January against last night. I think the campaign has aged him very quickly, and as we know, the presidency ages everyone, even Bush. He doesn't even look all that steady on his feet. As we know, you can continue to be a senator until you're 100 years old, but a president? With a VP "nurse" who's probably trying to smother you given have a chance?

Anonymous said...

McCain is like an old rooster who lost its role over the henhouse because there is a younger one.

Ani said...

Something positive to start the day: Indiana, not so hopeless after all!!

Obama Closes Gap in Indiana

A gloomy economic outlook is providing a ray of sunshine for Barack Obama in the Republican stronghold of Indiana, pinching rival John McCain's efforts to hold onto once-reliable electoral votes.

Less than a month before Election Day -- a time when candidates usually focus their travel on traditional battlegrounds -- the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee came Wednesday to a state that hasn't voted for one since 1964. Sen. Obama's visit here was his sixth since winning the nomination in early June.