Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Going down the drain.

It's becoming clearer what the Bush administration has been doing with the US. After privatizing the regulations on the environment, finance, defense and such areas (i.e. self regulation by the parties involved with very broad guidelines as to what these guidelines might be), removing or reducing the safety net for the citizens, enabling torture as means of interrogation, allowing extra-judicial imprisonment of citizens and non-citizens alike, and finally allowing surveilance of the US citizens without judicial oversight, new crimes are emerging.

This time it is the not-counting of the voters' votes. Mind you, voting is not a constitutional right in this country. So it is possible to deny people the ability to choose their government. Every state has the capability to decide who can vote and who cannot. This has been used very effectively by different Republican officials. The most notable was Florida in 2000 when thousands of black people were not allowed to vote, and the votes of thousands of other were not counted.

Well, this continues. This year there are reports that the voters are not able to cast votes for Obama (they cast a vote for Obama but it registers for McCain), or the lists of the voters, not surprisingly for demographics more likely to vote for Obama, have been purged without the voter giving a chance to protest it.

We are now effectively a third world country.


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