Friday, June 12, 2009

"We'll get there quicker"

There is a car going down a mountain road with failed brakes. There is a baboon sitting in the driver's seat trying to keep the car on the road. As the car speeds up and goes downhill faster and faster, the some of the passengers ask the driver if it is OK that the car is going that fast.

- Don't worry, because we are going faster, we will get there quicker,Առա՛ջ Հայաստան:,- says the baboon.

Some of the passengers do not pay attention to this at all - they are busy having a snack or reading a book.

That, basically, is the reality of Armenia now, especially after I watched the Yerevan mayor oath ceremony.


Ani said...

Forward, Armenia!!!!!!

Luckily, Uncle Vlad will be stopping by soon to check on his acquisition, and maybe he'll get a second home as well, since they don't like him nearly as much in Russia as they used to.

nazarian said...

Forward, Armenia! indeed.