Monday, June 01, 2009

GM files for bankruptcy protection.

Today I'm glad I dumped my GM stocks last year. It was at a staggering 80% loss - sold to cover the tax liability on realized gains earlier in 2008. While I did not like their management style and the way the culture in the company is (basically, it was [is] a war between the management and the union), I do not like the current situation either.

The government has grown way too powerful and the taxpayers now own major chunks of companies affected by the recession. It is not the government's job to own corporations. The taxpayers have no business in running the corporate America. Let the investors deal with the economy. I do not fall for the fallacy that it was the deregulation that caused this mess. It was time to pay the piper for our reckless lifestyles.


The REAL Armenian said...
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nazarian said...

Enough of the racist ranting. Hayaser, you need to post normal stuff.

Hayaser said...

blogs are for all of us to post/express our thoughts/opinions
where is it written or commonly known for someone to post "normal" stuff. whether positive or negative, posting my thoughts is "normal"
also my i dont have to post comments that are to PLEASE you and others. i have read my share of others' comments that dont please me, but you allow it anyway, and you dont ever read me complaining about it or begging you to remove it

nazarian you are such the typical hypocrite, you preach one thing, but do another

nazarian said...

Now, that's a normal post.

Hayaser said...

it is YOU that is NOT normal

vay ara du inch gites kargin linel@
vochinch mi ban gites eli
hele du ches haskanum
iriv ko jamanakt k'ga

nazarian said...

What is that supposed to mean?