Friday, June 26, 2009

The 1st Political Prisoner

It has been three years since Arman Babajanian, the founder and editor of the Zhamanak daily, was imprisoned. His newspaper was critical of the then president of Armenia, Robert Kocharian.

His newspaper managed to survive and is still critical of the banditocracy and SS's 'amnesty' does not cover him.


tzitzernak2 said...

I think he has half a year left. I wonder if they will actually let him out.

nazarian said...

They will. He is scheduled to be freed this September. They let Jirayr Sephilian out so they will let him out, too.

It's amazing, when you compile a list, how many people have been imprisoned for their political views.

There are actually about 60 people imprisoned for their religious views. One of them was found hanged a few months ago. Unfortunately, since the Apostolic church is so powerful in Armenia and has a privileged status according to the constitution, these religious prisoners do not get much attention.

sevenontrial said...

the first political prisoner may actually be murad bojolyan, who has served seven years of a ten-year sentence, on charges of spying for turkey.