Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How will the US react to the Iran mess?

Looks like there is a consensus growing that Ahmedinejad indeed rigged the presidential elections in Iran. So, what will the US do after this? Obama had extended an olive branch to Ahmedinejad and the relations seemed to be on a path of normalizing.

I think the US will not react too harshly. While ideologically we want to be the leaders of the free world, the reality is that you need to deal with the people who are in charge to pursue your interests regardless of what degree of freedoms they allow in their countries. I think the US will stay on the sidelines and let things calm down before deciding what to do. My guess is that Ahmedinejad will eventually suppress the protests and make the internal policing of Iran even more hard line.

I really feel sorry for the Iranians as they are screwed. I actually preferred Bush's stance on issues like this - they were usually on the side of freedoms.

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