Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One-upping Armenia.

Up until now there were a lot of similarities between the electoral fraud perpetrated by the Armenian banditocracy and the Iranian theocracy. So far, there have been three differences:

1. The Iranian youth did not stop their protests after the killings by the paramilitaries;

2. The Iranian regime did not use thugs employed by prominent business owners to do the killing and instead used paramilitaries akin to the NKR forces brought in by the Armenian regime;

3. The Armenian regime did not manage to degrade the protesters by coercing false confessions and broadcasting them.

But overall, the tactics are the same. Authoritarian regimes function with pretty much the same scenario wherever you look.


Ani said...

Got another similarity (okay, there are endless ones, but): Compare Ahmadinejad's sh#t-eating grin today with your "little buddy" picture of Sargsyan, and of course, this guy:

nazarian said...

:) I would take Alfred neuman over these two any day (even if I couldn't wait for our Alfred Bush to leave the office).

Croix said...

One more thing, they learn from each other, methods are observed and anhanced.

nazarian said...

Yeah, they are not stupid. Just evil and immoral.