Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Young No More.

Looks like I have reached the age when the music of my youth is becoming stuff that the oldies channels play. Many a drunk party night have been spent in night clubs and discos in Cyprus and the US under this kind of music.

Unfortunately, I don't know what they play nowadays. As an old fart, I don't go to these places any more. Maybe I need to befriend young people...

A little older.

I seem to recall this one, too.


Haik said...

:) from where did you find them?
They are the classics, they are still used in remixes. And whatever new i heard are not that original as Darude and the rest.
try the http://www.ministryofsound.com/radio/

Aramazd said...

Հիմա էլ ա շատ հավեսով լսվում....

Իսկ ես վերերս քաշել եմ Beats International "Let Them Eat Bingo"-ն!!!!!!!!

:) Հրաշալի ալբոմ ա: