Thursday, January 29, 2009

17 Year Anniversary of the Army.

Yesterday there was a celebration of the 17-th anniversary of the Armenian Army. Quite a few people went to Yerablur to celebrate it. Normally, that would be a welcome thing to do. The problem is that this was used by political parties who have had nothing to do with the army in order to promote themselves. People like Gagik Tsarukian even bought space in media to show that he celebrates the army. In the meanwhile, the government that he is part of has jailed a number of people who were at the beginning of the army and fought for Karabakh.

Very little of what happens in Armenia surprises me anymore. I just can't help to write about the degradation of the society.


Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd defend the Tsarukyans of the current Armenian reality, but one point about degradation:

At least this round of oligarchs is 1 step forward from those 1 generation ago, when under LTP they siphoned off the wealth of Armenia and removed it from Armenia (to France, US, anywhere). At least this round creates jobs.

Far to go to create a prosperous society, but degradation? Maybe you weren't in Armenia 15 years ago.

Anonymous said...

and this is called "an armenian patriotic journal"

"quite a few people went to yerablur"

lie, lie, lie

sometimes I compare such messages with those of, very few difference


1) spread pessimism Among Armenians
2) Use selective negative information
3) In case of lack of such information use lies
4) And the only difference from -> do this under the name of Armenia


nazarian said...

Anonymous 1, you know seven songs and all seven are about the same thing.

Anonymous 2, what are you trying to say? Is this another numbers game? I don't know the exact count of the people attending but there were quite a few.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

anonymous 1, why dont you go back in time and live 15 years ago...? we are tired of your obsessions, you need s shriek to relieve you from your complexes...

Anonymous said...

Illiterate anonymous - you mean shrink, not shriek. You are one of those people not literate in any language. Speaking of seeking medical help, maybe your head (like ltp's as he was proud to boast) was used as a battering ram once too often.

Anonymous said...


Tsarukyan saluting the army and (according to you) gaining political dividends, is 1,000,000 times better than Levonakans last April 24 holding banners and claiming that they were victims of "genocide" on March 1st, spitting on the memory of the real victims 93 years ago. They use the most immoral ways to occupy the throne Something they will NEVER achieve.

Presently there are no political prisoners in Armenia. the 60 are common criminals who totally deserve jailtime. I would be surprised if Alik and the seven stooges don't get life imprisonment for what they did to Armenia. Don't fool yourself: Any organiztion associated with LTP and his cohorts , now or in the future, has absolutely NOTHING to do with democracy, hman rights, equality or justice. LTP and all his friends (old and new) are only concerned with power and pockets. That's why the only thing they achieved was 10 deaths and a ruined Yerevan centre. They have achieved nothing else.

Anonymous said...

wrong - they achieved one more thing: LTP showed his true colors. it wasn't enough for him to live off his stolen loot from his disastrous presidency. he believed the bs from the western powers that propped him and his stooges up as a bulwark to weaken the armenian state.

then when they hung him out to dry, ltp decided to take out as many people as possible, cause as much damage as possible, with his sputtering demise.

Anonymous said...

you are the illiterate and ignorant as well, all you know is repeating the same old song like a broken record over and over again, this is a blog and not your ordinary tashnag brain washing club, wake up and smell the coffee, we are in the 21st century and your old ways and mentality don't work anymore, we understood your obsession and we try to guess the reasons for that, a sexual abuse maybe or some incestuous tragedy, whatever it is, you should not allow that incident to effect your already impaired judgement
LTP is a height that you can't achieve

Anonymous said...

who said there are no political prisoners in Armenia, are you idiot or pretend to be one? it is your wish to see them as criminals but even serjik's dictatorship and it's enslaved judiciary can't find an offence to give a verdict,
its the fuedal-oligarch-mafia regime of Armenia that did harm to the country and not those opposition leaders and some imprisoned intellectual people like pareghamian, vosgerichyan, etc,

those who "did" and continue to "do" to Armenia are your beloved serjiko-tashnago-oligarch cocktail of a regime, deep in obscurantism and backward political thoughts,