Monday, January 19, 2009

Upset with Banana Republics.

As the readers know, the trial of the seven political prisoners is still ongoing. While the accused rot in jail, the judge representing the banditocracy refuses to start the trial on grounds that the defendants are in contempt of the court. In a normal country one does expect for everyone to respect the law and order and the courts. But if you are a political prisoners, by default you are not in a normal country so you should not have any respect for the court or the regime they serve.

In the meanwhile, the court has been off limits to the relatives of the defendants and the press. It is instead filled with the thick heads - the bodyguards of the oligarchs, policements, KGB operatives and such. The supporters and the media are instead outside the court in the yard. They have regularly been harassed by the police but the height of the harassment was last Friday when the police encircled the people and physically abused them. A few people sustained injuries and at least one person, journalist Gagik Shamshian, has sustained a concussion.

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Anonymous said...

ummm... Anyone in any country can claim to be a political prisoner if it suits their interests. Does that make them one? NO...

As far as I am concerned these seven are criminals and should be tried as such. If they're in contempt then that's their fault. And damn right they will rot in jail if they're in contempt.

this levonakan mafia is truly making a lot of Armenians sick with their lies and promises, regrettably you included Nazarian. Notice the key words you always use "the people", "banditocracy", "political prisoners" , "genocide". It's getting pretty stale and boring. Get over it. What you tried to accomplish has failed miserably, time to search where you left your brains.Good luck!

Another piece of news: the levonakan mafia in LA and cohorts Rudik, Anahit and the rest are in big panic. Apparently all the money collected in LA for the so-called political prisoners has gone into their pockets (Rudik bought a new Mercedes) and this according to their biggest (now former) confidante "number one oppositionist" in LA,Hamo Moskofian who is attacking them and callling for all Armenians to unite behind their elected president Serge Sarkissian.

It's only a matter of time that accusations and infighting starts in the levon camp in Armenia as well.

Anonymous said...

wow, i am glad i never give a penny to any Armenian, especially one who asks for it. i mean why would i need to? all of you HAYS are rich beyond your wildest dreams. while the rest of us piss poors dont have a pot to piss in, you're all living it up in the hills of glenHELL in your 2 million dollar homes, driving $80k lexuses/benz/bm's yev ayln. i never give money to anyone. well because i dont have it to give, but more or less because i know exactly where that money is going. if everyone was smart they would stop giving money to those who ask for it, then you'll see how powerLESS all these powerfuls becomes. i receive emails from ANCA all the time asking me to pledge my money to them to "supposedly" fight for our causes in JEW.s.a., but the reality is all those BLOOD SUCKERS who are in ANCA are all FILTHY RICH CORPORATE type "wanna be" Armenians who live in their big PHAT ass homes in DC and else where, driving their nice expensive cars, 400$ dinners at the highest class upscaled eateries in DC and where ever else they dwell. oh lets not forget the lavish luxurious vacations these so-called HAYS take every year, i mean the entire ARMENIAN heritage cruise that happened this last week was FILLED to the rim of only RICH, GOOD LOOKING, WELL CONNECTED, THEIF *so-called* Armenians who stage robberies in their jewelry stores and do massive insurance frauds. dam i thought my Hayastancis are bad, but these spyurks are thee absolute worst.

funny thing here, i never been screwed over by any stanci, but oh shit i've been ROYALY FUCKED OVER so many times by every spyurk i ever met, associated, and/or tried to befriend

Anonymous said...

anonymous one, you are the symbol of "ïdiot diaspora armenian", having left your country and sought refuge with Uncle Sam, and made few bucks have become insensitive to the needs and problems of your original country, Armenia, and how its people are suffering under an arrogant, mafia-authoritarian regime,
there are political prisoners and your denial doesn't change the fact, having lived in USA won't make you a western man, many of you are still asians, soviet-minded, undemoctractic, backward thinking pathetic "immigrants", stop thinking like "cherchi" and think like a man of honour for one time

Anonymous said...

Anonymous two and anonymous 3. Lenin Papik-i hargeli tornik-ner:

According to statistics provided by Bedros Hajian who has done an admirable job of visiting Armenian inmates for the last ten years,
Most of the Armenians in California jails (when I say most I mean 95%) are Hayastanci-s. In fact, a big number of Hayastancis who live outside of Armenia, and who like to complain and villify Diaspora Western Armenians, complain about democracy in Armenia etc. are in fact robbers, criminals , forgerers and murderers. In one word: the filth of our nation. You don't believe me ?
Go to google and check the reports on Armenian criminals in America in the last 20 years. All of them are Hayastanci. Sad but true. So the filth of the nation is now complaining about lack of democracy in Armenia? Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

well i suppose i am A2 in this arguement. so from A2 to the asswipe spyurk who tries so desperately to demonize Hayastancis

the only #1 reason there is stancis in JEWmerican jails is because YOU BLOOD SUCKING spyurks make it that way, you report to the feds about us and you do it so that the feds dont look at any of you for your ILLEGAL FRAUDS that you all do every day of the year. so in fact it is YOU who put my ppl in jail, my ppl dont jail themselves. the feds require snitches such as you spyurks to jail my ppl so you can get this UNCLE SAM MAM WAM BAM THANK YOU MAM off your backs. if we stancis are such robbers/murderers, let me go out on a limb and label you spyurks as SAND NIGGER EYrab terrorists who attempted to BOMB a federal building in philidelphia in 1983, and bomb an embassy across from the UN in NYC 1982.

at least we stancis aren't labeled as TERRORISTS such as you ARAB LOVING spyurks are. your hamas and hezbollah mallah allah wakbars are calling on you to come. quick you should go help them as you've done so desperately in the past. they are your brothers, they are your homeland, you are nothhing Armenian, never have been, and well thank goodness never will be.

we stancis are the REAL TRUE GENUINE HAYS who have kept Hayutyun alive, whilst the rest of you WANNA BES have so openly graciously ASSIMILATED into your EYrabness. good, go be EYrab, we dont want to have anything to do with you and "YOUR KIND"

Anonymous said...

Compelling argument A2. All we need is another revolution in Armenia led by another member of the nomenklatura like you.

Anonymous said...


You BADLY need a very good psychiatrist. Your brain has serious deficiencies, but that's no surprise coming from your type of Hayastanci whose water is vodka/konyak and whose only food is khash. The result is a brain not better than that of a cow's.

Payqar payqar minchev verj! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA those were the days....

Anonymous said...

A2 and A4
this is truning ugly, who said that this struggle is between hayastanci and spurkahye? and who said that any armenian living in spurk can't call for democracy and human rights in Armenia? and who said that if i criticize the current mafia-criminal regime i should be hayastanci, i am a proud spurkahye, maried to a wonderful hayastanci, and both of us know, see and experience the utter absurdity the fascist regime in Armenia,

A4, If some hayastancis are thieves and criminals in LA, so what? i know some spurkahyes who were also thieves and swindlers...
so what? in every nation there are thieves, SS and his band are thieves, shouldn't we unite to get rid of the vice from our nation and country?

and A2, i come from arabic country, a country that hosted us, when your Soviet Armenia could not receive us,that tiny arab country gave us everything, every right to live, work and create, and accumulate wealth and be part of their political system, by law and constitution, it is not right to label diaspora armenians as "ärabs" , they did not chose their homeland, but you could,

you could, now we can, so let's work together to make our homeland a better place, a real home for all armenians

uremn anshushd "baykar baykar minjev aveli lav hayasdan"