Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Most Important Blogger in the World.

Barack Obama has his own blog.


Ani said...

Not to be picky, but this isn't really what I'd call a blog, and certainly he's not writing it himself. But let's see what's there in a month or so--probably not the first thing on his "to do" list, although if they took his Blackberry away, it might move up a few notches.

nazarian said...

It's too early but it will probably be another tool to educate the public in addition to news conferences and weekly speeches.

Ani said...

Apparently, there are a few wrinkles that need to be worked out:

Obama might be keeping his BlackBerry, but his tech-savvy staffers are reportedly stunned by the West Wing's painfully antiquated gear, not to mention a constricting, Web 2.0-stifling catalog of security and record-keeping regulations.

As this funny/sad story in the Washington Post reports, Obama's team arrived at the White House Tuesday to find only a handful of laptops, old PCs running outdated software, disconnected phone lines, and a series of rules and regulations that essentially forbid anything resembling Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, or AIM.

Indeed, as the Post points out, Obama's sleek new White House Web site is looking pretty weak right now, with only five posts (as of Thursday morning) on the official White House blog (including a "Hello World" post and a video of Obama's inaugural address, minus comments), a couple of executive orders, no pool reports, old bios and agenda items from the campaign, and a standard "Contact Us" Web form.

nazarian said...

I wonder if they mean Windows 95 when they say outdated software. I don't know if I read it on Bloomberg today about Obama exploring open-source possibilities for the federal structures. They put the price tag about 400 billion dollars a year that can be saved if open-source is adopted.

Of course, the guy who is a bif proponent is the co-founder of Sun. Sun invented Java which is an open-source programming code unlike the Visual Studio from MicroSoft. Java is a little clunkier and less robust than Visual Studio but with a more widespread use, it can be made much better.

Dear Beijing said...

Aw - I wish he would really write his own blog, how great would that be?