Monday, January 26, 2009

All the Europeans Need Is an Excuse.

SS has pardoned what he has termed 16 'political prisoners'. Out of these 16 people, only 2 are political prisoners. The rest are your regular criminals. In the list are the looters - recidivist thievs and robbers who were also part of Serj Sargsian's election committees. (Aramazd has more information on it).

There is no doubt that the Europeans are going to claim this as a gesture of goodwill by the Armenian regime. All they need is a light excuse to maintain their current approach. As long as Serj doesn't eat little babies for lunch, the Europeans are not going to bother with Armenia's problems. It's something that the Armenians should take care of and not rely on people in distant places.


Anonymous said...

Every single loss for Levonakans is a victory for the Republic of Armenia (whoever the president is).

And tomorrow the traitors are about to lose again. In Armenia there are NO political prisoners.These people have plotted AGAINST their homeland and should be judged and imprisoned as such.

My heart rejoices.

nazarian said...

Your words are like an output of a Goebbelsian mind.

Ani said...

"After all, when can you expect of _those_ people...Tea and petit fours, anyone?" (sigh)

Anonymous said...

Case of mistaken ID Nazarian.

Goebbels is Alik Arzumanian or Nikol Pashinyan. Hitler is Armenia's one-eyed monster. I don't even come close to these savages who tried to destroy Armenia. Good riddance!

tzitzernak2 said...

Dear Anonymous, let us leave Levonakan or not behind, just for a moment.
You are bidding good riddance to almost one million people in the street, asking for change. At its height, including refugees, within the past twenty years the population of Armenia did not exceed 3.5 million.
You are bidding good riddance not only to a few organizers of a movement, but an entire population.
Not surprising that you support Sargsyan - you show the same disdain toward the people of Armenia that he does.

nazarian said...

The question I have is 'what good is PACE for Armenia?'

One would hope that these guys would be interested in the development of democracy in a member country. Obviously, that is not the case since they are not going to sanction Armenia (heck, a country like Azerbaijan has never been sanctioned).

Once democracy returns to Armenia, I think the government should get out of PACE. It gives nothing to the country and is not a guarantee of human rights and democracy. So it serves no practical purpose.

Anonymous said...

I congratulate all Armenians in the victory against levonakans today at PACE. After today these rats have nowhere else to go.


There were NEVER EVER 1million people on the streets in Yerevan for political demonstrtions. Not in 2008 and not in 1988 or 1990-1991. Enough with the lies enough with the exaggerations.
The REAL support levonakans have (if they don't resort to brainwashing tactics and there is no Grzo to pay for pizza, aragh, and cigarettes) is exactly the number we've been seeing around courthouses in recent months. If you claim that 1 million are ready to go on the streets for him (or want so-called "change") there is absolutely nothing stopping hem in the last six months to do it. Fact is, his real support are those couple of thousand people max.

Nazarian, I'm not a supporter of Serge or Robert, but any harm they've done to Armenia doesn't even compare to the crimes against humanity and nation committed by the levonakan mafia in the 90s. No sane Armenian will ever accept a "democracy" movement led by Levonakans.
Every single defeat of Levonakans is a victory for Armenia and Armenians. They have played dirty politics for the last one and a half years. Now the government is doing the same. Good for them.

And good riddance to the one-eyed monster! Never again!

Anonymous said...

death to sargs margs and to levon mevon the evil zionist JEWtp

Anonymous said...

1 million people in the street????????? what drugs you on tzitz?

Anonymous said...

you call that "victory"?
for what? leaving Armenia in its isolation, feudalism, nepotism, obscurantism, and all those asian-orinetal values coming from middle ages, is that what you are proud of? bit wait a second, i smell a personal hate, a vicious factional approach, a tashnag mentality that is infesting the internet with ugly, hateful, anti-levon rhetoric, you are just another loser obsessed by levon, just for once lok at the people, the other leaders and followers of the opposition
Armenia is losing, and losing bad the solution is to get rid of people like you and your coalition partner regime

now go and cherish your "dzovits dzovits hayasdan" in the phantasy world a nd search for "national pride" in 150 year old fedayi stories, what a stone age!!!

Anonymous said...

Last anonymous,

I look at the "leader"s standing beside Levon and I see wolves in sheep's clothing. You can see it from their words and from their actions. These people are ready to steal, kill and rob the country all over again. They have NOTHING to do with democracy or equal rights.

One by one:

Alik Arzumanian: a drunkard mafioso whose sojourns are well-known and documented in the diaspora while he was ambassador.

Ararat Zurabyan: Orenk-ov gogh while he was Kendron taxabet. The objects that he simply made his, are countless. Good thing most were taken away from him.

Nikol Pashinyan: This person is psychotic and has serious mental defficiencies. In one word, he is not normal. But you knew that already.

Grzo: Alongside Telman Ter Petrosyan the FIRST oligarch in Armenia, responsible for creating oligarchic culture in Armenia.

Aramik Sargsyan: Well just think about his term as prime minister.A comic figure... Need I say more? (he would be a great cement manager though).

David Shahnazarian, Hrand Bagratyan, Vano Siradeghyan, Babken Araraktsian: These are not new faces. These are the vultures which sucked Armenians' blood and money dry in the 90's. Alongside the one-eyed monster, from 1991-1998 they committed the white genocide sending 800,000 Armenians away from Armenia. For causing inhuman life conditions in Armenia, while they were enjoying their warm houses.

A Dashnak I am not (God forbid) a Serge-Robert supporter I am not. But I know who has caused most harm and destruction to Armenia. I repeat, every victory against the levon mafia is progress toward the GOOD in Armenia.

May the "seven" or the other "sixty" rot in jail for the destruction and 10 deaths they caused on March 1.

nazarian said...

It's quite deranged to support the ones who killed the 10 people and put 60 innocent people in jail for their political thoughts.

Anonymous said...

agree with last anonymous. this is not the preferred way to deal with criminals, but it is good to see that justice is finally served to the animals who sucked armenia of its wealth, people, and worst of all hope and faith in the early 90s.

may they rot in hell, jail is too kind for them.

nazarian said...

Anonymous, you seem to be missing the point about justice.

One should be judged, and put in jail if necessary, for a specific crime. None of the political prisoners have been charged with what happened during the war years so when you gleefully celebrate these guys rotting in jail, you are being absurd.

Absurdity seems to be the qualifying trait for the successive banditocracies in Armenia so you would fit nicely in the SS banditocracy.

Anonymous said...


Did they even have an ounce of democracy in their actions when they held Armenia hostage for ten years? (1988-1998)? Technically Saddam Hussein and his cronies also should have gotten fair trials, they also claimed they had done NOTHING wrong . I don't see you calling Iraq a banditocracy. Technically the ones held in Guantanamo for the last 8 years should have had a a "fair" trial, many haven't been charged with anything. But I haven't heard you calling the U.S. a banditocracy.

Alik and co should rot in jail. The only banditocracy in Armenia was established by the one-eyed monster in 1991. So if you really want him back , you simply want a new banditocracy established. You would call this one a democracy though because it is more suitable for your pocket. Trust me in this. That will not happen today, next year or in 2013 or 2018. It will be very frustrating for you and other levonakans.

And every defeat for you is a victory for Armenia and Armenians as a whole. For you and readers to remember what "democracy under Levon" means, here is how democratic levonakans are in the most democratic country in the world.
Լրագրող Գայանե Մանուկյանը Լոս Անջելեսից հաղորդագրություն է ուղարկել նկարագրելով, թե ինչպես են խափանվել անկախ AABC հայկական հեռուստաընկերության հաղորդումները: Ըստ վերջինիս, Սարգիս Ղլյանի ուղիղ եթերի ժամանակ Գերմանիայից զանգահարել է լրագրող Համո Մոսկոֆյանը եւ պատմել AMGA, ընդդիմադիր համբավ ունեցող, հայկական հեռուստաընկերությունում իր աշխատանքի մասին, Լեւոն Տեր-Պետրոսյանի օգտին կատարվող քարոզարշավի շրջանում: Հ. Մոսկոֆյանը նշել է, որ AMGA հեռուստաընկերության ղեկավարությունը՝ Կարինե Կեպեկյանը, Անահիտ Մարտիրոսյանը, Ռուդիկ Հովսեփյանը եւ այլք, մեծ գումարներ են ստացել «ընդդիմադիր դաշտի ղեկավարներից` Դավիթ Շահնազարյանից, ինչ-որ «կակաչ»-ներից, սիոնիստներից» եւ այլն: Սակայն հաղորդումը հանկարծակի ընդհատվել է, երբ անկախ AABC-ի հեռուստաընկերության վրա հարձակում են գործել AMGA հեռուստաընկերության տնօրենը, Կարինե Կեպեկյանը եւ այլք, ինչի հետեւանքով հաղորդումը ընդհատվել է եւ մոտ 15 րոպե էկրանը սեւ է եղել: Հաղորդվում է, որ «հեռուստաընկերության մոտ շատ մարդիկ են հավաքված եղել, եկել էր նաեւ Գլենդեյլի ոստիկանությունը»: Լրագրող Գայանե Մանուկյանը նշում է. «Զարմանալի ու ցավալի է, որ ժողովրդավարություն, ազատ խոսք քարոզող եւ իրենց ազատության մարտիկներ հորջորջող ԼՏՊ-ականները ամենավերջին խուլիգանի նման են իրենց դրսեւորում»:

VERY democratic!

nazarian said...

Anonymous, no matter who tries to stifle free speech, it is unacceptable to me. I would take any Azg publication with a grain of salt (as they have an axe to grind and have never condemned the crimes committed by the banditocrats)...

But you seem to contradict yourself. On one hand you are for free speech, on the other hand you are for extrajudicial imprisonment.

Make up your mind. Are you for Constitutional Rights, or vigilanteism?

Anonymous said...


You can keep the grain of salt for your salad. I was watching Sarkis' program and the screen did in fact go black for 20 minutes. Sarkis has been bringing to light all the misdeeds of levonakans in the LA area for some time now. There were a lot of witnesses in front of the AABC tv station.And the police was in fact there.So next time when searching for Goebbelsian minds, search amongst levonakans, you will find a LOT of them.

Before accusing me of contradicting myself you have to answer about your contradiction. If you really worship constitutional order and democracy and despise banditocracy then why do you follow a mafia organization led by the one-eyed monster, whose rule in Armenia was as democratic as a Milosevic/Saddam and he alongside Vano/Shahnazayan/Araraktsian/Telman/Grzo established the first banditocracy in Armenia while Vazgen,Robert,Serge were liberating Karabagh?

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler also promised a LOT of wonderful things to their peoples and we know what happened. Don't be naive nazarian and don't be fooled by wolves in sheep's clothing.

emma said...

My impression is, Anonymous, that after leaving Armenia 10 or so years ago, you have fed your ego with a vision of a country which was, is and will always be dark, starving, criminal. May be it is this vision that keeps you going. You don't want to see a different Armenia. You are verbally abusing the people who live here now. Who has given you the right to speak on our behalf if you don't have the slightest idea what we are fighting for and why we don't condemn Levon for "whatever" he has done but hate the present bandits. You sound illogical in everything you say. To cut it short, don't rejoice, the fall of your favourite regime is not very far.

Anonymous said...

Without even knowing me you're writing my life's history. And you're absolutely wrong in your assessment. And like all levonakans the undemocratic prejudiced "wolf" has come out in you when yousay: "Who has given you the right to speak on our behalf". I have news for you. Any citizen of Armenia ANYWHERE in the world has a right to speak about what he thinks is best for Armenia. You don't decide that. In fact most of the ones living outside have a better idea about what's going on than the brainwashed ones inside. And don't speak in the name of the people because you don't represent anyone but yourself.
You are fighting for your pockets. Levon or the people beside him have NOTHING to do with democracy. Their democracy is the power and their pockets.

Last but not least:"the fall of your favourite regime is not very far." We've been hearing this barking for 11 years now,enough already!

emma said...

Long live the two hillbilly presidents
of Armenia and their bandits who turned our land into a paradise of democracy.
Thank you for reminding me this.
You seem to be an "obizhnik", anonymous.

Anonymous said...

And you seem to be a bomzh, emma. Perhaps leftover of northern avenue garbage?

the levonakan mafia has lost a lot in the last year. Their last hope were the different european structures. After yesterday, who are they going to turn to? Iran? Russia? or Obama's Armenia-loving new administration? I am enjoying every moment of the destruction of the levonakan pyramid. True nation-building has begun.

Long live Armenia!

Anonymous said...

Here is a video exposing the evils of the levonakan mafia in LA.Exposed by one of their own (until recently) prominent opposition journalist Hamo Moskofian. All the money laundering and stealing they have done in the name of "political" prisoners.

A week later these people attacked and tried to stop the broadcast of the same show which was interrupted for 20 minutes. Police are investigating.

This is Levon's "democracy"! in 2009 in the most democratic country in the world.The USA!!

And this is exactly why the March 1 criminals should rot in jail for plotting against their homeland. Never again!

Anonymous said...

Dashnaks are so happy to get rid of Levon that either they don't see or can't be bothered that meanwhile they are loosing Armenia with its people.

Anonymous said...


frontularmenilor said...

Please tell us who is journalist Hamo Moskofian_

Anonymous said...

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