Monday, April 16, 2007

Protest with empty plastic bottles in Yerevan.

E-Channel reports that the Ayl@ntrank movement has had a protest in Yerevan. The theme of the protest was 'Empty Plastic Bottles'.

On April 13, 2004, an opposition rally in Yerevan was brutally dispersed by the special police units (read the Diaspora Armenian accounts of it). Dozens of people were beaten up, a lot of others were arrested as well. One protester was so savagely beaten at the police precinct that he had to have an operation to have whatever remained of his testicles removed. It was quite an ugly affair more fitting to Saddam Hussein's Iraq than Armenia.

One of the protesters, Edgar Arakelian, was convicted of assault on police for hitting them with a plastic bottle. Hence the theme of last Thursday's protest.

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