Saturday, April 28, 2007

Getting cats out of the trees.

The local news in the civilized countries carry reports about cat rescues. The cats usually climb on trees and do not come down until the rescue services arrive. Then the cats freak out and jump down. Although i love cats, I have seen the critters jump down from four story buildings without a scratch. My solution for cats stuck in trees would be to hose them down with some water.

The following news item from Cyprus describes a similar scene which was a little more complicated.

Power cut for trapped cat

AN ENTIRE block in Larnaca was plunged into darkness yesterday after the EAC cut off power to save a cat from a palm tree.

The cat had been trapped up the 15m-high tree for five days. It had refused to cooperate with the local authorities, resulting in the fire services being called out.

As the palm tree was so close to an EAC pylon, the authority had to cut off power so the fire brigade’s ladder could be lifted towards the trapped feline.

The EAC had to inform surrounding shops and clinics of the imminent power cut.

Finally, in a combined effort between the EAC, police, fire services and Larnaca municipality which took almost an hour, the cat panicked as the firemen reached out to it, plunging to the ground and disappearing in an unknown direction.

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