Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is there a hope for a HHSh and HHD reconciliation?

There is a bitter history of mutual mistrust between HHSh (Pan-Armenian Movement) and HHD (Armenian Revolutionary Federation) parties. There was a time in the early 90-s when the President threw out the chairman of HHD from Armenia for destabilizing the country. Then some HHD members took to killing police officers, and organized the Dro group to assasinate a few ministers. Then the government closed the party, a number of affiliated newspapers and threw the Dro members in jail.

A decade has passed since these days and I can sense a thawing of relation between these parties. A week or so ago the chairman of HHSh, Andranik Zurabian, hoped that HHD would be represented in the parliament and he urged the voter, if they don't elect HHSh, to vote for HHD. This week, a prominent HHD member, Alvard Petrossian, said she supports the campaign of another HHSh member, Aram Manukian.

I don't know how sincere this is. The fact is that there are very few parties with solid ideologies in Armenia, and the most prominent are HHSh with its libertarian views and HHD with its socialist views.


Libertarian said...

I hope this never happens!

As you know HHD was the older Armenian party (federation), originally established by Anarchist circles with clear intention of building true socialism in Armenia.. Free-Socialism. But later they were joined by the extremist Nationalists, who were increasing in numbers, until Henchaks withdrew from the federation. As it stands HHD is the Armenian equivalent of Nazis (National-Socialists). If Armenia has any future, this depends on gradual strangling and eradication of HHD. It's a disgrase that HHD is still part of the Socialist International -- they should be kicked out of SI. There is nothing truely socialist about them. >:

Now, as for Armenia's necessity to see ideas of Socialism on one hand, and Libertarianism on the other, to be brought together into an effective and productive union, that does not necessarily translate into the reconciliation or collaboration or union of HHD and HHShK. This is a formula for potential disaster and emergence of Armenian Fascism. Because the only thing that unites them is extremist Nationalism.

nazarian said...

My point is that the HHSh and HHD relationship should become civilized. You may be ideologically opposed to HHD or HHSh but still maintain a gentlemanly attitude towards them.