Saturday, April 28, 2007

The joke of the day.

“It is clear to everyone that the illegitimate way of coming to power costs countries and peoples very dearly,” said Kocharian.

I am sure that he knows that he is the number one illegitimate thing in Armenia.


Haik said...

the election campaign has been “quite tranquil and civilized” so far.
Probably this is his definition that not that many people have been killed so far.

Haik said...

“The authorities will do everything in their power to have good results in the [conduct of the] elections,” said Kocharian.

Good results = opposition looses.

belinda said...

great !!!!

nazarian said...

The ruling elites have lost their credibility so much that even if they allow free and fair elections tomorrow and they actually win, nobody will believe them. If Armenia is to become a democratic society, there is going to be a long and difficult path towards restoring (or establishing, depending on your point of view) credibility.